Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jesus...The Easter Savior

As I slowly bite into my Cadbury Egg this Easter, with eyes closed, enjoying the Cadbury, gooey, goodness I am reminded of Jesus and how he hop, hop, hopped out of the tomb and began laying eggs for his disciples to find. But then he saw his shadow and disappeared into the heavens causing 4 more weeks of rain.

Oh wait! That isn’t how it goes?

With 4 month old twins, I am starting to look at life through their eyes. In doing so, I am reminded of confusing traditions like Easter and Christmas when I was a kid. Now please understand…I am not suggesting that these traditions go away. I am just as brainwashed as you are and must have my Easter Bunny and Santie Claus. But I can see some danger in these practices with rearing children.

I understand that we probably don’t want to make our kids dwell on the suffering of Christ by hiding nails and crowns of thorns in the yard but lets make sure that they do understand something. The real something, not just bunnies, pastels, candy, and hard boiled eggs.

The danger is this: The Bible has some pretty outlandish and hard-to-believe characters and stories in it, much like Jolly Saint Nick, The Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. When kids come of age and have the truth explained to them, it can be very easy to throw out all other seemingly amazing tales. I do not specifically remember being so disappointed that there was no Tooth Fairy that I rebelliously quit believing in Christ but it did start a long line of questions.

My goal (and hopefully it can be done successfully) is to let my kids enjoy the pagan traditions of the Christian Church but make sure they know the real reasons for the celebration.

I better quit while I am ahead. Lightning might confuse my sarcasm for blasphemy.


Eight Iron said...

Hey Edge -

Some good thoughts here. In fact, you got me thinking about relating the "secular" to the "sacred," so I wrote this up.

- Greg