Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Comment Already!

I am going to tell you a secret that is true of all bloggers (well, most of them). We want an audience. Shocking, I know. At first this audience is imagined but then we get smart and install a site meter to monitor the traffic. And while a good number of registered hits are from our own visits, we pretend that every hit is a huge fan. We want our opinions to count, our writing to astound, and our intellect to amaze. All we ask in return is some feedback now and then…is that so hard?

Before I go into full tilt today, let me give a pass to those of you that have actually taken a moment to say hi or offer a fresh perspective. I am definitely getting more feedback than in the beginning but something bothers me. My site meter shows me who comes here (to some extent), when they come, how long they stay, and how many pages they read. There are tons of you that read and read faithfully (thanks for that). But commentary lacks a bit and I am left to think horrible thoughts about myself…none of which could possibly be true.

Here are some suggested comments you can make:


You are perhaps the best writer I have ever read on the net. Your material is so compelling that it takes several visits to soak it all in. If only my intellect matched yours, I might be able to cure Cancer.


Today’s post truly moved me. I am in such a tearful state right now that the computer screen is blurry from trying to see through the gushing. I wish there were more thoughtful and provacative thinkers out there like you. It would make this world a wonderful place to live in.

Wassup Dog? Yo, I be chillin on the net today and blam, I found your bumpin site. It be da bomb man and I juss wanted to holler atcha and give props. Keep it real homes.



Now you may be wondering about negative commentary and my stance on that. Well, while I do have the power to ‘Publish’ or ‘Not Publish’ your comments, I make it pretty standard practice to allow any opinions that are expressed. The ONLY comment I kept from publishing mentioned something about bestiality the other day and I just didn’t get the joke. I must give fair warning though…comments that disagree with my positions, stances, and opinions are wrong. So if you want to run the risk of humiliating yourself by disagreeing with TheEdge, that is your prerogative. Most times, I won’t even have to comment back to you. The embarrassment of having something attached to you and published on my site when you are clearly wrong is likely punishment enough.

So Mr. Texas Instruments in Dallas, give me a howdy…

Mrs. Chicago, Illinois, give me the low down

Mr. Washington DC…how’s the Hill?

Ms. Viginia Beach…how is the weather in them parts?

Magnolia, Texas…whatcha thinking?

House of Represenatives…wow, why are you reading my stuff? Am I in trouble with the government? Am I being monitored for suspicious activities? I know nothing, I swear.

Speaking of government, someone else has a .gov address but lives in Illinois. Is that a satellite branch of the CIA? How did you find me? Crap, my cover is blown. Code Delta!!!

Once I come out of hiding, I am going to check to see if you commented. I better not have this continued lurker lack of respect or I will have to…um…um stop writing for a few days. Hah! That will teach you!


Rachel said...


I'm sorry for not commenting, but I just came across your page yesterday. I am so moved by your posts. I only hope to be like you one day. You are so inspiring, keep up the good work.

TheEdge said...

Nice delivery. Perfect execution.

Scholar07 said...

Your prospective is a welcome guide. And your drive to succeed in bicycling is inspirational. Keep the words flowin’. – Peace Michael

Neil said...

Don't stop! :-) You have a great sense of humor, good writing style, and excellent graphics. Good variety of topics, too. Keep up the sound doctrine and good work. And you post often. I'm about to delete a few blogs of my "regulars" list because they don't post regularly.

Flashman said...


I have enjoyed your posts for some time now. You have become my moral compass. You are passionate with all that you write, and you are rarely wrong in your opinions. It is inspirational to know that each and everday I can go to your site, and learn how to lead a better life. It is a sad day when I don't get to read a new daily opine. Thanks be to you.

Sue said...

hey, not sure how I got here but couldn't leave without commenting. like your straight forward style, (comment already!) and you've got cute baby pictures. the blog's a hit with me.

Rick said...

TI in Dallas = Rick (who's commented before). I generally like your blog, but as I regard myself as an interloper, I only post if I feel particularly compelled to do so.

I hope the MS150 went well. I heard you guys had a tailwind on Saturday--that was probably helpful.

TheEdge said...


I thought you had commented before but was not completely sure. I just used your info as an example and appreciate the understanding. This post was primarily meant to be funny with a twist of truth. I certainly do not want commentary that is forced. As you say...comment if compelled.

As for the 150...we did have a good ride and the weather certainly behaved for us. More to come in the next couple of posts.

Eight Iron said...

Hey Edge -

I've been away for several weeks, transitioning my family out of missionary service to the Next Step...waiting on God for that one. Meanwhile, your site is well-done, and I try to visit it a couple times per week. Keep up the good work.

- Greg