Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Number of the Beast

It’s official. Today is the day of Satan. I was pretty skeptical at first but kept an open mind. The number 666 is after all, Biblical. So June 6, 2006 must carry with it some sort of evil plan, right? Well, it did and I am not happy about it. The Devil waited patiently for millennia to strike. He carefully conceived his evil plot and on this day of 2006, he leapt from the dark depths and swiped with his powerful talons…my air conditioner.

Yep. He broke my air conditioning unit on a day we are expecting temperatures in the high 90’s. I am without words. Damn Devil.

Ok…now that I have that off my chest, lets examine this day or more importantly this number a bit better. I read an article yesterday that talked about it in pretty good, yet secular detail. One of the quotes from a minister of all people stated that he (Mr. Minister) did not understand why people get so wrapped up in this number.

Well, hey…I am not predicting today will be the end of all time or anything but come on? This number IS significant. It IS in the Bible in a very specific place – Revelations. You know the Book that talks about the 2nd coming, the destruction and tribulation of our world, the war to end all wars between good and evil? Maybe that is why folks are a little anxious, a little edgy, and cautiously observing the events of today. If my AC unit is any indicator, we are likely in for it!

The problem is that we don’t know the significance of the number or how it is applied. Any theories about it (and there are some very good ones out there) are just speculative at best. People have associated that number with the names of presidents (Dubya included), popes, and dictators for centuries. What I think is interesting is that Biblical calculations make the earths age to be more like 6000 years old, rather than millions of years old. So essentially we are not only looking at the sixth day of the sixth month but the sixth year of what might be argued, the sixth millennia. Granted, there is no Biblical reference to four 6’s, just three. So my speculation is just in fun. Some think that bar codes hold some value in the 666 scheme since that number is actually encoded in every bar. Even more think that the World Wide Web has a major role or just technology in general. In other words, the Anti-Christ is technology, not an actual person. I am in the camp that believes in an actual person, with an actual end of world scenario. Do I think that day is today? No.

Could we have something crazy happen today other than my air conditioning? Stay tuned. I am on the lookout.


MTR said...

Besides, today is actually 06/06/2006.... ;-)

TheEdge said...

Astute observation. However, we are a lazy bunch and usually drop the first two digits rendering most dates to be written 6/6/06. Satan probably makes us do it. That sneaky devil!!

Flashman said...

And you also must have noticed that today, the most devilish of days, the movie The Omen is released. A movie about none other then the spawn of Satan. Between that and your a/c, I think I'm going to stay inside the rest of the day!

Carolanne said...

I bumped my head and it hurts, on that day.
I am now on the other side of that day since I live on the other side of the world. Today is the 7th day of June so I survived it. The day is overcast but aside from that, everything looks and sounds to be normal out there. I haven't heard any sirens, screams, crashing, not even thunder. There have been no hailstones, fires (apart from heating devices) so it looks like the 6th left without much fanfare.
The number 666 doesn't seem to have as much publicity as it did say, 20 years ago.
Oh, and the school computer also broke down which isn't good since it's report writing time.
I don't think those things are anything to write home about and attribute to it being the 6th, though I could be wrong.

Carolanne said...

P.S. I see you managed to post a photo! Well done. :)

Eight Iron said...

Edge -

You've found your blogging stride again!

Just for the record, the last book of the Bible is Revelation, not Revelations.

- Greg

TheEdge said...

Sorry, I went to the George W. Bush School of speech and spelling.

Thanks for the correction.

Molly said...

Good theory and I am interested to learn about the 6th millenia...had no idea. However, I think that we should also remember that today is actually 6-6-06, making it a 4 digit date. It is not logical to take out the zero and make it 6-6-6. That date already took place, in the year 6 AD. Still, today, I, like many others today, had my microscope set to "conspiracy" and had a close watch on everything that occured. For example, a usually don't hit traffic for a good 20 minutes into my drive. Yet this morning, there was traffic from the moment I got on the highway until I made it through Dallas. Visions of random drivebys and massive traffic accidents ran through my head, but it turned out to be no more than the typical stalled vehicle and overworked 18-wheeler who's tires lost their tread. But as I drove by, I couldn't help but think about how many people might be associating everything that happened on a day like today with something supernatural or even biblical. It seems to me that most people are looking for any "logical" explanation for the events that effect their everyday lives, and days like today lend themselves to be easy targets for far-fetched theories on the end of times.

I heard an argument once that every generation believes that it is the last generation. Some have said that this thought is ego-centric in that each generation thinks they are "the worst" thing that the Earth has seen. Maybe there's some truth in that, but more than anything, I think it is interesting to think about Revelation as a metaphorical text, as it was meant to be (from my humble understanding) and realize that each generation has witnessed mutiple signs about the end of times. Each era has a case for plagues they have endured, massive world-wide tragedies that have adversely affected the human race, and unexplained phenomena that simply MUST be an indication of the second coming of Christ. The truth is, no one likes to be caught off guard, and humanity's attempt to predict the future is evidence of our fear for the unknown. We can't stand to think that life might happen while we weren't paying attention, and worse yet, the end of the world might show up at our doorstep like a doodlebug that we don't notice until it crunches under our feet. Now don't get me wrong, I make loose associations to superstitions and try to understand why things happen the way they do. I am an analytical thinker and much to my chagrin sometimes, I can't help but look at life as a riddle to be solved. But I wonder, if nothing happens today, what the next red flag day will be? July 7, 2007? I think I would be more scared of 4-3-11, which upside down, backwards, and sort of twisted around, spells, Hell, than a day that somewhat resembles the day of the Devil. And, give me an AMEN if you were as annoyed as I was today with the radio stations' sad attempt to entertain the masses with hoarse-voiced DJ's imitating Satan...seriously.

Posted by molly on Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 7:39 PM (Cut & Paste from MySpace)