Friday, September 22, 2006

It's Not My Fault

We learn the blame game as children.

“The dog ate it.”
“Johnny made me do it.”
“It wasn’t me.”
“No one told me NOT to flush the entire roll of TP down the toilet.”

As adults personal accountability doesn’t change, the excuses do.

“I was told there were Weapons of Mass Destruction.”
“It depends on what your definition of is…is.”
“My parents screwed me up.”
“I am genetically predisposed to being fat.”
“It’s an addiction, a disease…I can’t help it.”
“My grandmother died…for the forth time.”
“I’m sick and can’t come to work…fishing is an illness, right?”

Free will is a gift and a curse. We use it for better or worse and have to deal with the consequences of our mistakes. What amazes me is how we react when a mistake becomes obvious. The mature thing to do is take accountability for it, learn, and make changes. But the word accountability is not one that many practice. And I don’t think this is particularly unique to our generation though the temptation is to say so.

Personal accountability is not easily learned, it must be instilled over time and usually in childhood. The lack of accountability is what leads so many to have a sense of entitlement. “I deserve all things good and deserve nothing bad,” seems to be the mentality. The correct phrasing should be I’ve earned what I have both good and bad. I realize this logic is somewhat flawed as we all tend to have things happen that are beyond our control. But with those exceptions in place, my argument still stands.

So until we find a miracle pill that cures us of entitlement and installs accountability, I will have to keep hearing phrases like those listed above. How awesome would it be if Bush (or any almost politician for that matter) stood up at the mike in front of TV cameras and said, “Hey, I screwed up and this is what I’d like to do about it.”?

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tonymation said...

Hey I can read between the lines... fine!

1. I took the larger piece of cake.
2. Sorry Ryan for being a jerk.
3. I did a U-turn at a no U-turn intersection.
4. I sleep in on occassion and blame traffic.
5. I occassionally swear when I get frustrated or angry and blame the object of my anger/frustration.

There! Are you happy Edge?!!!

tonymation said...

Holy crikeys!!!!

That link is friggin hilarious. My sides hurt! People at work are looking at me funny.

Edge is my new hero for finding this gem!

Neil said...

Hey - love the new look and the post and video were great!

Erika said...

One of the things I have figured out over time is that whole cliche of honesty being the best policy. Fess up when you've done wrong. Keep everyone on the same page you're on. Cover up nothing. It will only come back to bite you in the ass really hard later, usually tenfold, it complicates things way more than need be, and karma is a bitch, too.

TheEdge said...

Glad you figured this out. Now go and teach everyone...quickly!

Dyslexia said...

In all honesty, a dog of mine really did eat my homework and my one math book... Of course the teachers wouldn't believe me, even after i showed them the book with missing corners and more teeth marks in it than a vampire's boyfriend... I was more than willing to bring in the doggy doo for them to fish around in until they found an algebra equation in it...

TheEdge said...

Come on. We all know that it was you who bit into the Algebra book in hopes of making it seem that it was victum of cannine aggression. I promise I won't tell your teacher.

BTW...I know that you and Erika must not have clicked on the link. If you had, the comments would have included something about how freaking funny it was and how awesome I am for finding it. Make ammends or face the wrath.

Chris said...

Two for white and nerdy. I can't stand the real song but that had me laughing. As for the blog...we can't take responsibility for anything, seriously I didn't ask to be born. I didn't ask for love and support from my parents, I didn't ask for church, for manners, for clothing, shelter, love or a proper upbringing. I didn't ask for that so it must be their fault and probably their parents fault before them because I'm sure my parents didn't ask to be born either. If all else fails I blame you.

TheEdge said...

I didn't ask for you to be born either. Funny how that worked out.

I don't blame you for blaming me. I blame the blaming blammers.

Johnny Dingo said...

The 5 major problems with this country are:

1) Lack of personal responsibility
2) Lack of respect for one another
3) Lack of respect for God
4) Lack of respect for country
5) Lack of respect for the family unit

Another great rant from TheEdge!

Nate said...

*6) People making arbitrary lists of problems with this country.

Zaphod said...

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ILEX said...

How many people blame everyone else but themselves. Why do you think there are so many people with problems. No one takes accountability. That's the first thing they teach you in the rehab classes. You need to learn that YOU have the problem. And it's no one else's but yourself.

And I just saw that White and Nerdy clip at work the other day and thought I would pee my pants it is great!!

Nate said...

But they also teach you that addiction IS a disease. So they're wrong?? They need to quit their whining?? Just picking on you because you mentioned rehab.