Monday, September 11, 2006

Unfinished Email

The following email letter is fictional and my personal way of remembering the tragedy of September 11th.


I tried calling several times but keep getting a busy signal. Cell service and land lines must be tied up with all the emergency calls. I am at a desktop on floor 95. After an explosion below us we all searched for a way down but stairwells are blocked and elevators seem to be out of service. This floor is a bit smoky but seems to be in the best shape from some of the others I’ve been on. Some of our office crew is on their way to the roof in hopes of rescue but I am certain that we just need to stay put and let firemen instruct us. Ron says he will come back for me if the roof idea works out so I just wanted to take a moment and send you a message.

The mood is somber and serious but no one is too panicked. We don’t know what the explosion was and we’ve heard several more since the initial boom. I cannot see tower two but I assume the problems are just with our building. I remain confident of rescue but want to say a few things just in case.

I love you. I love our little family. Please reassure Madison and Matthew that daddy is fine. I am not always the best husband or father and it is times like these when I am reminded of the important priorities. I will make a huge effort to improve when this is all over. I need to take you out on more dates. I need to play ball in the yard with Matt more often. I need to play tea party and Barbie with Madie. Work is just work. It pays the bills but I make it too much of a priority. I want to be the man you deserve and the father that the M&M's need.

I still remember the first day I met you at the Christmas party five years ago. How crazy is it that you and I both had dates with different people and ended up ditching the festivities for a cup of coffee? I think Brian forgave you for that but Susan never talked to me again. Oh well, I got the better girl. Not just the better one but my soul mate. You are so beautiful, kind, loving, and gentle. You are the world’s best wife and mommy and we are so lucky to have you. Your smile lights up a room and your laughter echoes in my heart when I think of the good times we’ve shared.

The Caribbean Cruise comes to mind and the snorkeling excursion had me in stitches. The way you would jump every time a fish brushed against us. The way you kept asking about sharks and getting salt water in your mask. We need to take another vacation soon. No more excuses about work and kids and responsibility. We’ll go somewhere tropical again but no snorkeling, I promise. Just you and me on the beach with a tropical drink and sunshine. Gosh that sounds nice. I cannot promise to keep from splashing water on you or pushing you in but I'll try to behave. And we have to get the spa treatment. Remember the massage we got last time? I fell asleep on the table and you laughed when I started to snore?

Well, it is getting hotter and the air is thick. I am using my shirt to cover my nose and mouth but all I can taste is smoke. I need to find the gang and see if that roof idea panned out. I am sure it is just a matter of time before rescue teams make it to us and show us an escape route. But just in case, I need to be proactive. I will try calling you again but please do not worry. I’ll be home soon and


tonymation said...

5 years sure went by quick. I'm sure everyone remembers where they were on that day.

I was in a meeting at a restaurant. I believe Edge was there too. I got into my car to head back to my office and heard the news of the first plane over the radio. Details were sketchy, so I called my wife. She was told we were under attack, so I redirected to our nearby corporate office to watch the news. I saw the second plane hit and was in shock. I still had to work that day, but nothing really got done.

LeVar said...

WOW!!! I'm speechless...

Angry Young Man said...

How many people went to work that day angry at their loved ones?

How many of them never got to say goodbye?

My dad died in the middle of a war with his mother over where his family was going to live. That's a small pain compared to this, but she's had to live with it for 22 years now.

Life is short. Make the most of it.

JanieJane said... sad...and moving. Gosh... : (
Rest in Peace, Leah's husband. The things you DID do in your life finished this email for her.

ILEX said...

It will always bring a tear to my eye when I think of the family's that suffered because of this and those whose loved ones are in Iraq/Afganistan/in the service.

Edward said...

There is nothing I can say. I'm speechless. Thanks for sharing.. *Sigh*

Johnny Dingo said...



Jon said...

I aspire as loving as that guy.

Michael said...

Honestly I am downhearted that it takes some people a horrific tragedy to realize the need for more attention toward their loved ones. Peace be with you all.

TheEdge said...

It is unfortunate that we realize what's really important when the chips fall. I often take for granted that friends and loved one are just always going to be there. When two of my very best friends moved this year, I started realizing how many missed opportunities I had to get together and enjoy mutual company.

The value I place on these people does not change pending a tragedy. But sometimes various events remind me to take more time out in appreciation of what and who I have around me.

Captain Amazing said...

Was that a real message?

Either way, good point.

TheEdge said...

I take the confusion of this blog post being "real" as a compliment. You are one of many to ask and I never thought it might come across that way. I knew that many bloggers were going to tackle this subject and I wanted to get creative by writing a hypothetical scenario from the point of view of someone inside the building reaching out to loved ones in email form. The main reaction I was going for was expressed by a few of you...speechless.

Strangely, this is the first year since the actual tragedy that I have taken the time to really remember and watch all of the tribute shows.

Sugar Plum said...

very, very impactful.

I'm not sure what to say...? You did masterfully with this...

Excellent. Better than anything I think I've seen, creatively speaking, about 9/11.