Monday, June 09, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog

That is the question…isn’t it? At least it is for me, in this moment. To many of you (meaning my former audience…if I still have any that check back here) I disappeared seemingly for good on June 8th 2007. I had some random post about some internet guy named Brett Keane taking the time to carefully dismantle a video of his…then POOF…TheEdge was gone.

Or was I?

You see creative people always need creative outlets and I contend they usually don’t go anywhere so much as they try new and different things. In my case (and I left you a clue with that last post) I became a Vlogger. I stumbled into a YouTube underground I never knew existed when I found Brett and that video. Here was a guy just putting up his thoughts about life, religion, and politics…not just the latest Seinfeld clip or stunt gone wrong. Brett, being an avid atheist was not my taste. Thankfully there were tons of “response” videos to him from many brothers in Christ that, like me, debunked his stuff and took the time to make sure a counter-point was available to whatever audience this kind of exchange might offer.

One month after supposedly disappearing, I reappeared in my debut video on YouTube. I had not formally decided the blog would die but essentially that is what happened. I also intentionally held back any kind of announcements that I was doing this. I have always enjoyed a certain anonymity on the internet, though many personal friends and family eventually find me. So if you found me, great. I am not ashamed of any of my videos. I just feel more freedom when I don’t have to imagine what Aunt Martha might think of my every word.

In a strange twist of irony, the very antagonist that spurred my desire to get on YouTube and participate in a faith-based exchange (Brett Keane) was banished. My debut was his curtain call I guess you can say.

So here it is almost a full year later and I am blogging again? What’s the deal?

Answer: I don’t know just yet. I do know that writing is something I miss and something I feel good at. I am not saying that is true so please let me live in ignorant bliss if you disagree. What I can tell you is that I will be writing again. And I imagine it will be a supplemental tool to combine with my vlogs. In fact, while I was gone, added a feature by which we can now implement videos into our posts. So in some cases, I may write on a topic and post a vid that goes with it.

Can you expect any changes?
I am still just good ole Edge. However, I have found the topic of choice in my vlogging. Unlike my blog, I have covered exclusively topics relating to Faith and Christianity. So…(and I am not making promises) that is the most likely topic to be discussed here from now on. I am still a family man, still raising twins, still cycling, still interested in Editorials and Fiction. And I may explore some of those things some times. But it’s time to hone in on a topic and flesh it out.

What about the archives?
I have already taken many posts down that I don't want out anymore due to no longer agreeing with my former position or in effort to be more private about my life. However, I will keep the majority of the old stuff possibly even re-introducing things that got buried too deep.

If by some miracle you are still around from the early days, you can see what I’ve been up to for the last year by clicking here. If you are new…stick around and give this a shot. I hope you enjoy!


4simpsons said...

He's back! I must confess I don't do the vlog thing. Your YouTube site looks great. What a wonderful witness. Blessings to you in whatever you do - blog, vlog or otherwise.

TheEdge said...

Thanks Neil. I was not sure if anyone still checked in over here or not. Vlogging is definitely different and though I like it a bit more than blogging, I don't think I am as good at it as writing. Keep doing what you do as well. We are better for having your talents available to us!

christofer said...

We want more! :)

Anonymous said...

So, to you, coming back means making a post once a year? -Joram

Anonymous said...

What's up Jim! I never got into blogging; do you (or did you) have a substantial audience? How do you make yourself known on the blog circuit?

-Mike Bowen