Friday, January 30, 2009

The Historical Jesus

This is part 3 of my Evidence Presentation. Here I tackle the reasons to first believe Jesus Christ was a true, living person of history. While many skeptics already believe this...some do not. And I find it fitting to first establish how I personally came to understand Him as a true person rather than a mythical character.Sources include materials from both Wikipedia and Randall Niles book All About the Journey. Take time to visit his YouTube channel:


chrisgolfs2003 said...

I would like the names of these scholars who agree on Christ as a real person. This is no fact.

There are two things you seem unaware of. Ancient story tellers wove fact and fiction together. A real city or person combined with fictional events is not even an original concept,the Sumerians did this with Gilgamesh. Pilate is found in other fictional stories as well.

Julius Caesar had over 10 contemporary witnesses to prove his reality. Jesus who was the hottest ticket in town,who was followed by "huge crowds,great crowds,vast crowds,pressing crowds,swarming crowds,gathering crowds,multitudes,vast multitudes,ect." Jesus was the talk of the town

Why is it that the most important man to ever walk this planet has not a single contemporary witness??? Why does the first mention of him nearly a half a century later seem historical?? This is not even feasible. What was Mark doing for nearly 50 years that was so pressing??
If you think no one bothered to mention Jesus(Philo Alexandria a local historian of the time and place),think again. There are countless early writings of the time.

TheEdge said...

Here are just two offerings for you to review.