Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hurry Up & Wait!

I am not sure what God would deem as my biggest weakness. But I am quite certain that patience would make the top ten list. Can you blame me? We live in a world of information that travels at light speed. What did we ever do back when we actually had to wait days, weeks, or even months to get word of some major event on the other side of the world?

I would argue that every new generation comes with an even greater sense of entitlement that the one before it. In some ways that is the way the world works. The old complain about the new wanting some respect for having lived through an age where no microwave oven was available. I am already telling stories of hardship to my kids and I was only born in 1975. Imagine that! A Gen X’er complaining of hard times? But I digress.

As I shared in a previous post, I have been going through a growth mode lately doing what I can to understand God’s Will for my life. I have been dealing with the appropriate measure of expectation vs. disappointment and trying to find a holy balance. On one hand I find it depressing to have zero expectation of myself, people, or even God. On the other hand I am realizing that much of our expectation…much of our sense of entitlement…comes from a very fleshy place.

So I’ve petitioned, I’ve text’d, emailed, and cried out to God for answers. “How do I practically apply this revelation to my life? Oh and by the way, can I get the answer by noon…cause I have this thing!”

Nothing. Nada. Silence. No YouTube video that hits me, no word from a trusted friend and Christian, no hushed whisper inserted into my thoughts, no Scripture that just pops off the page…nothing. This goes on for days and weeks. Frustration builds…patience is tested. Then just a few mornings ago on my way to work a song is stuck in my head. I say a song but more accurately a lyric from a song repeated over and over and over and over.

“Strength will rise as we wait upon The Lord as we wait upon The Lord as we wait…”

Wash, rinse, repeat for a thirty minute commute. I finally pay attention and my eyes bulge. The light bulb finally went off. I am supposed to WAIT.

As much fun as that sounds and I’m talking the same level as lemon juice on a paper-cut kind of fun, I was glad to get an answer. And now, I am even happier to know that he is using this experience to teach me patience…to teach me dependence…to realize who I am in the cog of existence. After I on my timing or His? The implications are limitless.

If you too are in a desert place, frustrated with life, purpose, meaning, the next step…not understanding The Plan. I invite you to wait with me.
Can you wait on the Lord as an act of obedience to Him being “content in all things” as you do?

I bid you well on your journey!