Thursday, June 25, 2009

40 Days...

In some ways life, in general, is one long test or trial. But most times we distinguish times in our lives that are better than others and thankfully we don’t always suffer hard times, or the desert places. Scripture clearly warns us (much to the prosperity and health gospel preacher’s dismay) that we will endure temptation, trial, and difficulty. However, in those times we are not only offered some type of comfort but we are also commanded to be thankful and joyful through it all as it is meant to mature you and prepare you for His purposes.

The rub for us is that we don’t always see what He is doing at the time. We only get the benefit of hindsight, not foresight. So as scary, upsetting, frustrating, and painful as these forty day/month/year trials may be…I want to encourage you to remember the hope you have in Christ. I want you to remember that He offers comfort and a way of deliverance. You may have to wait longer than you’d like…but He will not forsake you.

I’d like to challenge you to think about times in your past (since hindsight is now possible) and identify the hand of God in getting you through. What lessons did you learn? What purpose can you derive from that experience? Did it give you a testimony that you can now share with others? Have these times produced some of the most powerful moments in your life?

I’d like to invite you to answer those questions in my comment section AND watch my YouTube video on the subject:

Enjoy the journey!