Friday, June 26, 2009

We The People...

It has been a very long time since my blog topic of choice smacked of politics. And I am not inclined to get back into it to the degree I once participated but must at least turn your attention to something I feel is important for today.

First watch this video below. Then scroll down to read the letter that I sent to the President and my Represenatives. Whether you agree with everything this man is saying or not, surely you will agree that our "representation" is not listening to us very well!

Mr. President,

I write you with all due respect for your office and leadership of our great country. I do not make it a habit to complain, point fingers, and shirk my own responsibilities to personal accountability. We are a nation of people, not just one dictator or a small band of representatives that blindly makes decisions. Yet that is the picture many of us are getting in this current age. I must ask you...why?

Why are we turning into the very thing(s) that our ancestors fled from? The very institutions that made them cross miles of ocean, risking life, limb, and property to start anew? I know that you alone did not get us here. Many steps were taken before today that led to this destination and many before you led the way. But now…it is you that leads us and you that can make the choice to turn around, to set a new path, to correct the ills of so many that got us here.

On the outside of my envelope there is a web address that will take you to a YouTube video. The man in the video is dressed like Thomas Paine and takes a little more than six minutes to voice what so many of us are thinking and feeling. I must urge you to watch this and really listen to those you represent. Make America great again! Unify us as One Nation under God instead of fostering the factions of lobbyist groups and special interests!

Please take the time to watch this and then act.

A very concerned citizen,


I would invite you to write a similar letter, include a bag of your finest tea, and send these to your specific representation.