Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Look in the Mirror

This cartoon was posted on Pastor Mike’s blog. As I soaked it all in it first gave me a chuckle. Then it slowly penetrated and became applicable not just to those it brought to mind…but to me. That’s the rub, isn’t it? Don’t you just hate it when the mirror is held up and you have nowhere to turn!?

I have come to a place in my walk with Christ where I have adopted a pretty dogmatic stance on many doctrines and practices in the modern church. Perhaps this is partly a reaction to my former, easy-going, politically correct way of doing life in the past. I tend to operate in extremes and feel that God IS and HAS BEEN teaching me balance in the last couple of years.

So let me apologize and ask for forgiveness if while growing and learning I have forgotten the “not-being-a-jerk-about-it” part!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I Am Second...

I am learning more about this website and ministry but don't yet know enough to report much. So far I have seen a few celebrity testimonies and then the one posted below. All of the testimonies that I have seen are very powerful and I take nothing from that. But Pete is a Dallas based Pastor that I have had the privalage of listening to as he was a guest in our church after a VERY difficult tragedy had occurred. He helped mend many broken hearts in that moment and reminded us ALL as he does in this video...who is FIRST!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fire Insurance?

Were you saved by the fear of Hell? This begs the question that, if so, are you coming to Christ for sincere reasons? A fellow Christian Tuber asked as much and this is my two cents. Essentially I think we all come to the frightening knowledge of who we really are in comparison to God and His holiness. However, while that revelation may be a motivating factor, it is the love of Christ and the abundant Joy of understanding the gift He has given that fosters not only a blooming relationship but the deep desire to spread The Good News. Enjoy!