Friday, August 28, 2009

Shh...Don't Talk About That

Let's face it. The Christian narrative from Genesis to Revelations is well..."other worldly" in many places. In fact Genesis and Revelations are two prime examples. Growing up in the modern church though I've NEVER ONCE heard a pastor talk about some of the more outlandish issues from the pulpit. I suppose that makes some sense. To be too speculative about prophesy can bring about false predictions and loss of faith. Many a pastor bold enough to bring the bizarre up, likely met with a church split or was chased out. When our narrative seems like it could be a front page article in The Enquirer...we'd rather ignore it than gather together and figure things out.

Recently a good friend of mine that used to attend my church came and visited. He too is fascinated by End Times studies and brought up the topic. He was talking about the theory of how certain fantastic sounding things in Revelations could actually be this or that (usually something very mundane in comparison to its Biblical description). Here is the question I asked him and subsequently want to ask you:

If you believe in an inerrant Bible...that the earth was created in seven days, that a flood covered the earth, that Noah built a boat and rescued animals, that the Red Sea was parted, and that God Himself sent His son to do miracles for 33 years, die and save you from eternal damnation...WHY wouldn't you think the End Times might also be rather fantastic and exactly as its described?

Can you tell I get a bit passionate about the topic? I do indeed. Yet even I tender my words, guard my knowledge, and recognize the social taboos of speaking about this stuff. But here is what scares me the most. It doesn't scare me that Christians have been looking to the skies for the return of Christ or even desiring it within their lifetimes. It doesn't scare me that from Paul's day till now we have had Christians inaccurately predict the day and time (despite Scriptures claim that none can know the date and time). What scares me is that secular, non-believing, atheistic, worldly sources all over the planet are now coming up with VERY similar narratives to our Christian one. Of course theirs explains away angels falling from heaven as being aliens from other planets, world-wide weather phenomena as consequences of climate change, and one world government as a necessity for peace...but all the facts are still the same. It almost makes a person wonder if Satan isn't trying his darnedest to spin an alternate but factually accurate narrative to (a) keep the multitudes from having an end of days conversion and (b)continue his plan to deceive knowing his time is growing short.

I guess this is me...finally beginning a dialog about this hush, hush material. This is me, confessing that prophesy is fascinating, that Noah, the Red Sea, the burning bush, and all the wondrous and miraculous things of The Bible are indeed part of my belief system. I would really like Christians to start talking about these things. I would really like to see Pastors teach from the pulpit boldly about topics they typically have to secretly discuss with trusted inner circles of friends and fellow pastors. I would like to know what you know and I would like to share what I know. I don't know about you...but its a burden to study this stuff all alone. AND...if things really start getting interesting, I don't want to feel guilty for not saying anything prior to that last trumpet call.

I leave you now with a video from a five part series of videos from Glenn Beck. I have not watched parts 2-5 yet but will very soon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am last

In passing a billboard the other day I was reminded of an amazing website and ministry called "I am second." As I continued driving and meditating on its impact and message I was moved to expound on that idea a bit more. You see, I don't think we are even second if we properly understand Christ's teaching and example. I am in fact...last. What do you think?

Thursday, August 13, 2009


As is often the case in my life, God used an everyday experience to communicate His truth to me. Here are a few things I learned with this most recent example:

1. The Church is undergoing a revival right now.
2. God first has to tear down and strip away the facade in order to get to the foundation for rebuilding.
3. This often looks ugly and messy while He is working on us.
4. The changes can take a while instead of being immediate.
5. We can be even less functional than we once were as we endure the refining.
6. The end result will be worth it, will be markedly improved, and will be beautiful.
7. He wants you to willingly under-go this process.

Feel free to lend your thoughts in the comment section