Friday, September 11, 2009

Letters From Strangers

This is a request for brothers and sisters in Christ to consider prayerfully. Watch the video as it is self explanatory and get in touch with me if you feel led to write a letter of encouragement to Dennis.

In the video I ask YouTube bretheren to send me a PM indicating their interest. Since that is not possible on this blog, let me know in the comment section if you'd like to participate. Or if you have my personal email address, send me a note using that media.

Thanks in advance for watching and considering this request.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Truth Group

About a month ago I went to Edmond Oklahoma and met other YouTube Christians. The gathering was rather small but I met some pretty amazing folks. Among them was Daniel. His channel on YouTube is called "TheTruthGroup". I've learned a lot about him and his story but am certain that I only have the tip of the I look forward to keeping in touch with him and watching his ministry.

Like me Daniel grew up Methodist and in the Dallas area. The video below might as well be my testimony to a "T". Also like me, he did his own research and study, soon revealing that Christ was the way, truth, and life and that He'd been right there in front of him for so many years. He has worked in some really cool ministries and now manages his own. Right now he is travelling Coast to Coast for Christ with nothing more than a backpack of bare basics, depending on each town to take him in or point him to a place to camp-out and find food. Along the way he has documented many of the folks he has encountered and the reaction to his ministry. I highly recommend looking through his videos and getting acclimated to his journey thus far.

Perhaps one of my favorite stories was actually quite sad and very ironic. He came to a town called Bethlehem. He contacted one of the local churches to ask if he could sleep in their basement or pitch a tent on their lawn. The pastor told him to hike another seven miles north and that town could probably help him out. Essentially Bethlehem told him that there was no room in the Inn. Guess who took Daniel in and gave him refuge for the night? An atheist. Daniel, of course, took the opportunity to share the Gospel with this man before parting ways the next day.

Anyway...check out this video as it rings so true for me when taking a look back. Thanks be to God for showing me (and Daniel) The Way!