Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Time To Wake Up

As a man entered heaven he was immediately brought before God and the following conversation took place:

God: Welcome my child

man: (On his knees, trembling and struggling for words) Thank you Father.

God: Rise and answer some questions for me.

man: (Rises to his feet, comforted by God’s command and gaining control over his shaking) Anything you ask Father.

God: Who is Jesus?

man: He is my Lord. My Savior and Redeemer.

God: Son. I do not wish for the textbook answer. I wish for you to describe Jesus. Who is He?

man: He is you. I mean…He is your Son but really you. There is this Trinity thing with circles interlocking…let me draw it.

God: Enough! Child…listen to my words again.

Who is Jesus?

If I were to ask you what makes Him laugh…what makes Him grieve…what His favorite things about you are…could you answer me?

man: Well, I think holy things make Him happy and certainly sin must grieve Him. And…I believe He really likes my charitable personality.

God: Are you merely guessing or do you KNOW my Son intimately? I am certain that I could ask you the same questions about your wife and get real answers!

man: Well I…I read all about Him and did everything I could to be Christ-like!

God: You did indeed read. But surely you know by reading that a personal, day by day relationship is what I offer. Yet you most often called upon Me when in trouble or in need...never seeking a daily relationship. Do you count me only as a Jeanie to be summoned for your three wishes?

man: (Gripped with fear and trembling yet again) Father.

God: And as for the charitable personality…can you give me an example from your life?

man: (Regaining some composure and confidence) I sure can Lord. Look! Here are all my tax papers showing the donations we made not only to the church but several organizations for Cancer Research and Underprivileged Children’s Funds.

God: Yes…that is all good. Have you any examples of non-compulsory, charitable giving that did not get you a tax credit?

man: I don’t understand.

God: Exactly. You don’t understand. You lived a life of bare minimums, not the abundant kind that I promise. You were right and good to come to Jesus for salvation. You understood Him to be your Savior and placed your faith in Him that I would judge you worthy of heaven and you are my child. But if you had dared to live for me…oh the blessings that you would have seen. Oh the treasure that you would have here in heaven. It would be so glorious!

A man sat outside your office building for fifteen years in need. Not only was a dime never handed over by you but not a word was ever spoken.

The mission trip to Mexico I put on your heart was ignored and pushed aside because LIFE was too crazy at the time.

Then there was your neighbor just two doors down that lost their job and foreclosed on their home. You said not a word to them and offered no assistance financially or otherwise.

LOVE your neighbor as yourself is the command, is it not?

Son…you are unfortunately not alone in this. People spend so much time fearing hell that they just do what they can to stay ahead of flames. What I intended for you was so much greater than damage control and bare minimums. You would have been dangerous for the enemy and royalty in My Kingdom…if only.

man: If only?

God: If only you had listened.

man: (Confused at first about what this meant his mind finally recalled) That small still voice.

God: Indeed. As a child you knew it to be my voice. You took delight in our talks and treasured my words. As you grew…you came to believe my voice was just a passing thought in your head. Then there came a day when you had learned how to shut out my voice as soon as I began speaking…knowing that I was going to ask something of you, covict you of sin, or to do something you deemed “uncomfortable”. Then you would go to church expecting me to show up in a BIG way…and leave disappointed that you just weren’t “feeling it” like you used to.

man: (Now trembling more than he had previously & overwhelmed with the grief of what could have been). LORD! I am so sorry. I spent my time begging your forgiveness for sins when my biggest crime was ignoring your voice and being obedient to your Will. How can I make this right? How can I show you my hearts desire is set on you and your plan? Oh…if only I could go back knowing what I now know!


man: (Startled awake and fumbling for the OFF button on the alarm clock, he finally silenced the intrusive noise and sat on the edge of his bed, covered in a thin film of sweat). It seemed SO real…SO intense.

Small Still Voice: It was.

man: Lord?

Small Still Voice: Yes.

man: What would you have me do?