Friday, February 19, 2010

RSVP to a Non-Invitation

** Authors Note *** It may be helpful to know two things before reading this newest product of my wacky mind:
1. I am a self-styled amateur apologist on YouTube. I get a TON of atheist attempts to "de-convert" me hoping that I will see the light of truth that they've discovered. Yet in their next breath they will try to claim they have no agenda and don't have a stake in the game of changing my mind.
2. I've been reading some GK Chesterton. If you have read him before, you will very likely see how influenced this is by his style. If you have not read so without delay!!!______________________________________________________

This is to RSVP to the Invitation that was not really an invitation. I know to state this because on the invitation that I received in the mail it was clearly stamped “This is not an invitation but please RSVP so we can have an accurate head count.”

I suppose this statement's irony is not singular nor is it any more powerful than the other irony’s employed in this mind game you propose but let me spend a moment on it anyway. I gather by claiming this is not an invitation that you are trying to negate an agenda, possibly even trying to distinguish yourself from me because you certainly don’t want to be considered a person interested in proselytizing. That is only for the whacko Christian fundamentalists whom you diligently fight against. While in doing so I am here to report you look a fool. For what do you get so passionate about if not the possibility of “de-converting” me from my indoctrinated, mythological legend that has me so trapped and an inch from delusion? Why vehemently argue about something that you do not believe exists? If you are right, you make us both fools to engage in the very conversation. After all who gains anything to sit and argue whether Santa really comes down the chimney or uses the front door? Your passion betrays you just as much as the stamp making a claim that an invitation isn’t one. You have an agenda, you have a stance, and you believe yourself correct to the point of righteousness though it be self made and based in worldly pride. Why else waste your time looking to cure me from the mental hospital lest you believe your world view be the better choice and mine the source of the illness? If all things were equal and this were not an invitation it would satisfy you that I not be bothered at all to come. And if I did show up you might give me a nod so much as embrace me…it would not matter. But you would love nothing more than to have evidence that you do have power to persuade and to heal the sick. Yet this revelation brings you nausea as it renders you a hypocrite. I digress at this point though because the main object of this RSVP is not to “expose” your failure to cloak the invitation or your excitement that I might join you but rather explain to you why I cannot come to the Free Thinkers Party. In fact, I cannot make it to this one or any other event of its kind down the road…which leads me to the next point of irony.

I would rather you have called this party by another name just so it would be less absurd and embarrassing to have to correct you about. You see I really do like you. In fact, by the work God has done in me, I’ve learned to fancy you to the point of love. So in a loving fashion let me beg of you to at least change the name of your party when the next round of invitations go out to at least help you save face. That is of course if you don’t finally relent to my proselytizing and fall on your face to surrender once and for all. You may as well have a small victory if you choose not to have final victory…though I doubt it will bring you comfort in eternity. Your error is simple dear friend. You have invited me to get inside a box that your invitation describes to be opposite of its function. This box is a “freedom box” if I understand you correctly. To get inside of it will “free me” from my delusions, my mythology, and my failure to see life for what it is. Yet the boundaries of a box quite simply reveal a lack of freedom do they not? So perhaps the problem is you have left your bifocals behind and are pointing at a box thinking it a vast endless space where freedom can truly be experienced. That is what I must believe or else it is you headed to the funny farm not me.

So with this in mind I will help you find your corrective lenses or at the very least help you touch and see that this box has edges and boundaries that preclude the very claim you are making of it. How can one be free to think when some things are forbidden to think about? Right now I sit outside your freedom container fully able to think about all the naturalist, materialist elements in your box. Yet I am also free to fathom the supernatural. Sure this can include unicorns, fairies, and flying pasta but I have tested them all and found their taste to be bland, empty, and without full body. Yet I can still go on dealing with them if I want to torture myself.

Side Note: That reason above many others is why I fail to understand your lack in desire to join me out here. After all you seem to enjoy the self torture and fruitless pursuits.

But alas you are not free to think on these things. They simply don’t fit in the box. So you’ve thrown out The Baby with the bathwater and allowed there to be no fulfilling, tried, and truly tested fanciful thing to enter your world though there may be MANY examples to speak of. I speak all the time of the ultimate example when I tell you of my Father in heaven. But since that is the “leap” of grand canyon proportions that your box renders impossible, let me first suggest one that only requires a bit of a hop…perhaps just an energetic wiggle.

LOVE cannot fully exist in your box my friend. Oh sure you have a word in there that describes the chemical reaction in a brain that results in hormone stimulation, leading a subject to select a mate and procreate. This word is spelled the same way and its observable symptoms seem to be the same. But in my world friend, love is hardly contained by a brain, chemicals, or any human language. Love is a thing of beauty and yet it’s not a thing at all. It is the strongest of bonds and connects worlds where no logic can fathom the pairing. It brings men to their knees and wills them to bleed on battlefields. It is hardly described even by the best of Shakespeare’s efforts. The limits of love and the definitions only scratch at the magic, the majesty, and the truth of love. Yet I am free to love, free to understand it well beyond the chemical reaction and therefore am better suited to experience it and understand the layers. I am well aware of course that you do have love in your life with those that receive it from and give it to you. I am just letting the cat out of the bag and “freeing” you to understand its magical properties so that you (again) save some embarrassment. I don’t think your wife will fancy the Valentine card that has the periodic table on it as an expression of your feelings toward her. So in some ways your box is not so hard bound that it prevents love or God for that matter from entering in. It restricts only how you are allowed to process or think on such a thing. That my friend is a limitation not a freedom. So long as you want me to get in a box and close the lid…at least do me the favor of calling it a box lest you desire to insult my intelligence.

My apologies. I probably just gave you a bit of hope that I might one day, under the right conditions come to your box party where freedom rings in its very limited way. I have a habit of exuding hope for it’s another trait of this place where I dwell. It is SO hard to operate under your rules of engagement when I am only limited by them out of consideration to hurting your feelings. So pardon my ignorance of how limited freedom works and the ways in which I may have violated the natural law you so cling to. It is not for me to ever join you but rather for you to join me. Free thinking will not get you here though. In fact thinking is part of the boundary you’ve placed yourself under. If human thought was such an awesome thing as compared to a god…it would pale in comparison and hardly be worthy of worship. Yet this is exactly what you bow to and yet another irony that renders you silly and foolish. For you see “thinking” is another supernatural element that can enter your box but you are only allowed to understand its properties much in the way you limit love to a chemical reaction. You never question why it is you have a thought to begin with? Nor do you empirically test whether the products of your brain are worth much by measure of quality control. So…like a gambler on the Vegas strip you put everything on black and let it ride without regard to the consequences. And despite the gamblers best intentions, hopes and dreams that his risky bet will pay off and have no dire cost to him…it often does. And the house didn’t care that he was well intended or chose in that brief moment to ignore the possibility that a penalty might have to be paid.

I know this is much to consider. Think freely on it later. Give my regards and regrets to your lovely wife!


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as I mentioned in my e-mail this is a great post. Extremely well written and thoughtful. Thank you.