Friday, March 26, 2010

Debate Debacle

My friend James recently left the faith and started a new channel. On it he recently posted a debate series that pits atheists against theists. My issue? The theist panel consists of New Agers that hold no beliefs or doctrines that the opposing side seem to be most concerned with. IF the concern is legitimately about the Christian God, then why are Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston sitting on the side expected to defend such criticisms? This appears to be deliberate. The only other thing I can conclude is that those organizing the debates are just severely naive.


4simpsons said...

Talk about stacking the deck! That is like us putting up an orthodox Christian posing as an atheist.

TheEdge said...

What is sad that more and more a "believer" is being considered anyone that believes in spritual age, deism, scientology, and all sorts of false teachings qualify.