Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crazy Quirks

Let's face it...we all have odd behaviors, quirks, and pet peeves.  We don't normally notice our own until its pointed out by someone who has the pleasure of cohabitation with us.  I became aware of a few of my quirks when first living out on my own and having roommates.  But nothing has opened my eyes more to how silly we can be than getting married.  A life-long commitment to a person gives you ample time to observe one another.  We do things for one another and we do things that drive each other nuts.  Sometimes we mean to and other times its just force of habit.

In my marriage, I cherish our quirks.  They make me laugh most times and we get a kick out of harassing each other when caught performing said behaviors.  In talking to several of our married friends we've discovered that this is a very common experience. 

My wife is the queen of organization.  As such, she leans toward an OCD behavior model in keeping things straight.  I am very laid back for the most part.  But somewhere in my brains wiring, I have discovered a few things that drive me mad.  I cannot be certain but I theorize in my case that I picked this stuff up while growing up.  Between being raised in a particular environment, modelling much of what our parents do and teach, plus discovering who we are as individuals...our preferences get shaped.

There comes a point where this sculpting process sets.  We are no longer very pliable and easily molded.  And that is where the fun ensues.  I decided yesterday to do a hidden camera experiment in my house to illustrate exactly what I am talking about.  While I am partly picking on my wife here, I hope its clear that I really DO cherish everything about her...quirks and all.  She is my Proverbs 31 wife and I love her more than words can adequately express!  But just so I am fair and balanced there will be a confessional at the end of this video where I bring out a few issues of my own.

So now its your turn...give up the goods!  What are some of your strange quirks?


Susie said...

The toothpaste thing drives Jeremy crazy, too...not me...used to matter when the toothpaste tube was metal and would bend and get holes, but they're plastic now, so...doesn't matter, nope...just doesn't matter. The only thing I can think of that drives me crazy is a tapping pencil or the clicking of a pen when I'm trying to concentrate on anything. You talk to me and click your pen at the same time, just so you know, I'll have NO idea what you are talking about...none. Oh, and don't smack your gum. :)

Pony and Petey said...


Jim, you are a HOOT!!!

Petey clicks his fingernails on his teeth...flicks them bends them backward using his front teeth as leverage...makes the most AWFUL "flick" sound!

I can't stand to have my fingernails bend backward or even have pressure on them pushing backward so when I hear that "flick" and I know he's just bent his fingernail backward, my entire body cringes!!

I'm like Susie...can't stand the repetitious clicking sound either...fingernails, pens, etc.

I could probably come up with more but they're no where near as funny as your's!

Oh yeah...when I'm running, I like the run to end on an even number...and for the week and the month and the year. Or at least a special today is the 27th so it would've been good to walk 2.7 miles instead of the 2.4 that we just did.... oh well!

Dee said...

Love it! She's going to kill you! Luckily my husband and I both squeeze the toothpaste in the middle. I will have to admit one of my many qwirks is toilet paper. I will go around a change all toilet paper to under, even if it's not my house! I have even been known to iron crinkled paper.

Melissa said...

I share all those of both you and Racheal and everyone who posted (except toilet paper must come from the top). Perfect TV volumes are 15, 18 and need for any other number.

Spacing is very important. Lance gets so mad hanging stuff for me because if anything is even 1/4 inch too high, low, left, or right, I will make as many holes in the wall as it takes to get it right! I can spend several minutes in front of a table rearranging things until they are just right. In my apartments, my friends would alway move stuff over, just an inch or so to see if I would notice. Always did!

Locking the doors must be a man thing. I only worry about it if Lance is not here and when we leave town for the weekend, he locks his truck about 8 times and then asks me when we get down the road if he did?

One more: Meat must be on the bottom of a burger. It's the only proper foundation if you don't want it to collapse when picked up. If I get a burger from sonic, I must rearrage it before I can take a bite, no matter how hungry I am!