Monday, January 31, 2011

Lesson Learned...AGAIN

If you are like me and I hope you are's lessons have to be learned over and over again. Repetition is the only method by which I seem to be able to retain knowledge. And just when I think I've finally mastered a topic, I tend to invite yet another lesson that proves otherwise. Captain Obvious has nothing on me!

This particular discovery is fairly forgivable for forgetting though (please take note of the awesome alliteration that you just read).  After all this lesson, unlike most, is counter-intuitive.  Most times I learn something and think to myself, "Duh...why didn't that concept just come naturally to me?  It makes sense!"  That is simply not the case with this one.  To prove it to you here it is: 

Discouragement should encourage you!

Tadaaa!  Did you like that one? are confused. Ok, let me clarify.  As a Christian you will often encounter all types of discouragement in your walk.  You may be on fire for a particular area of ministry only to later wonder why you signed up.  You may decide to sleep in one Sunday only to realize three Sunday's have passes since you've eagerly woken up on time to catch the service.  Discouragement will enter into your life and take what used to be an energetic disposition and flip it on its heels.  I bet you didn't know dispositions could be flipped or had heels.  I digress.

My blog and YouTube channels are prime examples of this concept.  I've been doing this since 2006 with varying degrees of success and interest from viewers/readers.  This is something I dearly love to do and feel very cut out for.  It is a way that I can share my faith with a local, regional, or even global audience without the travel, expense, and time away from my family.  Yet many, many times in the past and even once fairly recently (before launching the Living Out Loud project) I have been discouraged about this method of ministry to the point of coming VERY close to deleting my accounts. 

If we let this kind of discouragement meet its logical end, we will disengage and quit.  And if the particular ministry that you are involved with relies heavily on you...that too will suffer and possibly die on the vine.  If we instead stop, realize that our negative attitudes might actually be the enemy trying to usurp our efforts, and then hone the energy that this realization generates...our efforts will not only continue but will start to thrive in very abundant ways.

I invite you to watch as I share the details of this recent, re-learned lesson, and think about the areas of your life that this may apply to:

Special Thanks to: American Wayne from YouTube


Shannon said...

Very timely message. Thanks for the encouragement!

Mike Messerli said...

good stuff, brother. I have missed reading your posts while gone. How about some coffee?