Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Whoever coined the phrase, "That's the last straw!" was onto something.  The last three days or so have been difficult to say the least and amazingly stressful to say the worst.  But when I stop and think about each individual item in this heap of madness, weighing me down...they seem rather insignificant.  The truth is, they are minor as singular events, circumstances, and pressures.  Added together they form a load that really puts one (specifically me) to the test.  "The last straw" implies many other straws collected here first.  "The last straw" implies we've reached maximum capacity...no more straws allowed.  One more straw, no matter how small and insignificant will cause the load to come crashing down.

Scripture talks about trials and testing in many places.  But I've always equated such verses with real human struggle, spiritual warfare, and having to take monumental stands for the Kingdom.  Surely we need not apply such verses to difficulty in finances, child rearing, insomnia, bad moods, day to day bickering, and personal strife...can we?  Well there may be a time in the not-so-distant future when a more glorious mountain requires a good show of me but until then, these heaps of straw are still worthy of the same treatment.  You don't take down Everest on your first outing.  There were many small hilltops summited before embarking to reach such peaks. 

And what is the use wondering about the awesome victories of our faith when we cannot even seem to conquer the small, daily hills?  Furthermore, I don't like the testing...do you?  I know I am supposed to consider it pure joy (James 1:2-4) but I still need some work in that area.  Ok...I need LOTS of work in that area.  I am doing pretty well when these heaps of straw reach capacity and I still manage to be a decent human being to those around me.  I am doing even better when I can take a few moments AWAY from the oh-poor-me syndrome, step outside of the circumstance, and share a blog post on the topic with you.

Baby steps...

So!  How has your day been going?


Shannon W said...

Great post! It's so true. God uses all these "small" things in His faithful refining of us - sometimes, I think, even more than that big things. It feels easier sometimes to muster the courage to face a big mountain than to daily surrender the small things in life that can stumble us. And usually there's more attention paid to our "accomplishment" of conquering the big things with God's help, and sometimes the small victories we have spiritually are in the parts of who we are that no one else sees, that no one will say "good job" about. God uses the heat of these trials to really purify us, to burn away the dross and refine us to the point where there's more of Him and less of us looking back. I love that you shared about this. It's really relevant, and I think it's a blessing. Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Buck up!


TheEdge said...


Thanks for the encouragement.


Thanks for the kick in the pants.