Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grown Children

I am a kid a heart.  I normally don't apologize for it either.  Embracing the child within keeps me young and in touch with a former innocence that is so easily lost in the daily hum-drum of adult life.  So I play video games with Michael, Tea Party with Mackenzie, and collect Star Wars toys...well, just because.  Perhaps living in this way to some degree is exactly what Scripture means in Matthew 18:3  where is says:

Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

However, I am quite certain that my child-like reaction to what I might call a very bad day yesterday is NOT what Jesus had in mind as he was encouraging us to hold onto our innocence!  No...an adult temper tantrum is every bit as bad...nay, certainly worse than one coming from an actual toddler.  I didn't quite take it that far thankfully but I did decide to react very poorly to a series of events that occurred at work.  For lack of a better description and in the spirit of self deprecation you might say I pouted for the rest of the day.  I also delivered a diatribe or two of my woes to the ears of those that had nothing to do with causing my bad day.  And despite my best efforts I let this wonderful attitude of mine leak into my evening and put it on full display for my children to observe.

Not one of my proudest moments!


Mike Messerli said...

great new look and I am enjoying your stuff. thanks for all you do!