Monday, February 14, 2011

My P31

When Bob first called his wife, Tiffany, his P31...I was confused.  I thought it might have something to do with his P90X workouts or something.  Noting the look on my face, Bob explained that his wife was a Proverbs 31 woman and that was a nickname of sorts for her.  With my interest peaked I had to go look up the passage.  Sure enough, in brilliant description and prose, are the details of a woman beyond compare.

Verses 10 through 31 describe her as one who is:
  • More precious that jewels
  • Has her husbands complete trust
  • Makes her husband feel as though he lacks nothing
  • Does good for her family
  • Shares the workload
  • Provides nourishment for the family
  • Strong both physically and spiritually
  • Generous with what she has
  • An example of dignity
  • Has a great sense of humor
  • Guards her words being careful to speak kindly of others
  • Shows great wisdom
  • Does not act lazily
  • Takes care of the household and family
  • Blessed and praised often by her husband and children
  • Surpasses the average woman
  • Fears, respects, and loves The Lord
I can without question proclaim that my wife is also a P31 woman!  She is amazing and I've known from very early on that God hand picked her just for me.  Why I deserve such a blessing is beyond me.  In fact, I really don't.  But my Father in heaven quite often blesses us well beyond what we deserve.  In fact, that is why the Gospel is called The Good News.  If we got what we deserved I can guarantee you the news would not be good or even just alright. 

So while Valentines Day is a made up holiday to bolster Greeting Card sales (or so the theory goes)...take the time to join me today in singing the praises of the P31's of this world!  I simply could not do life without mine.


Molly said...

Such a sweet message about your sweetie! Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 describe the type of woman each of us women should be, and while sometimes hard to accept, the descriptions written in Scripture truly make our world a better place to live. Plus, the way the Bible talks about husbands is far more difficult to achieve (although my man is pretty darn close!)

Jon Rutty said...

Excellent reminder to give thanks for our God given mates. I love my wife very much and she is a shining example of Christ to me and to others.

Angela B. said...

Although we hear about how wonderful wives are, it is necessary for husbands to know that they are indeed just as special. I thank God every day for the blessing and gift he bestowed on me. Brian is everything I need...

Anonymous said...

Amen Junior. Peace Bro!