Monday, February 21, 2011

PC or JC?

If you are anything like I was in my early twenties, you might hold to the politically correct view that ALL spiritual paths lead to God.  Each has their own unique style, dogma, methodology, and name for The Creator but unwittingly they are all on the same journey and will eventually arrive at the desired destination.  You would not be alone to think so.  Even Oprah espouses such ideological fantasy.  But it doesn't take much investigation or serious searching for truth to find out what a fallacy such an notion holds.  It sounds like a great concept but that is all it truly is...great SOUNDING.

World religions teach very different concepts and tenants.  One group can claim 2 and 2 equal 4 while the next claims 2 and 2 equal 5 and any outsider can identify a problem.  One group might be right while the other is wrong or perhaps BOTH groups are wrong.  BUT there is no way that both groups can be correct.  Like it or not absolutes exist despite the modern day push for relativism.  Mathematics would not be possible or even helpful to us if 2 plus 2 had more than one answer.

So when a person searches for answers and comes to investigate Christ, its no wonder He fails the political correctness tests.  On one hand it boggles my mind that anyone would take offense to a man that SO loved the world that He laid down His own life as the ultimate expression of that love.  But on the other hand He predicted just that kind of reaction in Matthew 10. And again in 1 Peter Jesus is referred to as a Stone of Stumbling, a Rock of Offense.  The question is why?  Why would a man that preached love to such an extreme be offensive?  Be a stumbling stone?  Or cause families to divide over whether or not to follow Him?

Perhaps its in part due to some of His exclusive claims.  In this world of relativism and all paths lead to Rome, how dare someone claim to be:  THE way, THE truth, THE life and then go on to say NO ONE comes to The Father but by me!  The world might better embrace Jesus if He had claimed to be a way, a truth, or a path to God.  But He didn't leave us any room for that did He?  So what do many people do?  They will claim that they really like many of Jesus' teachings about the poor and giving oneself to others but somewhere along the way they draw a firm line.  I can get behind the guy up to THIS point but no further.  Scripture illustrates that concept with the rich young ruler in Luke.  This man had kept all the commandments and had an impeccable record for serving God.  But when He asked Christ what he lacked, Jesus challenged him to actually give EVERYTHING.  Being a very rich man, he found this request impossible and sadly walked off.  Christ had identified this man's personal line of no return.

I know.  I've been there and done all of that.  I am not so far removed from those times that I cannot remember how justified I felt in my anger over the exclusive claims of Christianity.  But how exclusive are they?  Did Jesus come and die just for a few or for ALL people?  The following video challenges us to rethink how we look at this "exclusive" faith: