Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best Deal I Ever Made

Over eleven years ago the second of two long term relationships ended.  The combination of those two relationships spanned the better part of seven years of my life.  Though I had learned much and did not begrudge the experience, I was a bit regretful that those seven years ultimately ended in failure.  Taking inventory of what I had to show for the effort, I became disheartened and decided to make a deal with God.  I told Him that I was done trying to find a romantic interest on my own.  I was prepared to be single if that was His will for as long as I needed to be.  That unless He led me to a hand-picked, perfect match of His own...that I would gladly retire from the dating game.

She didn't walk in the door right after this heart-felt prayer but it wasn't even a year later that Rachael walked into Mama's Pizza (my former place of employ) for the first time.  And it wasn't long after her first visit that I got to know her and decided to ask her out.  There are many reasons I began to realize that my prayer had been answered. But perhaps one of the most compelling was finding out how long this girl had been practically under my nose.  She had moved to Double Oak (same small suburb that my parents live in) in 1990.  Her house and mine were less than one mile away from one another.  She was one year younger but attended the same High School probably passing me multiple times in the hallways.  We both worked at the same Tom Thumb location and figured out that she got hired right as I had put in notice to quit.  We also came to realize that she had visited my church youth group multiple times in the past with one of many friends that we have in common.  Last but not least we both attended UNT during the same time period. 

If God ever lets us we would love to see the playback of how many times we may have crossed paths throughout the years.  I believe God  knew all along that we were supposed to be together.  But He also knew that a process of hard knocks, lessons learned, and life experience needed to take place before the timing was right for us to meet.  I do wish and wonder sometimes about how cool it would have been to meet Rachael sooner or how to perhaps shave a year or two off of the previously mentioned seven.  Had I made this deal with God sooner, would that have made the difference?  Who really knows for sure?  I am just happy and blessed that He hand picked the love of my life.

Happy 9th Anniversary Rachael!


Mike Messerli said...

Congratulations on the new son! I can't wait to see him.