Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Juggling Act

On a normal week we juggle.  We even have it down to an efficient routine.  Sure there are moments of stress but so long as we keep the same amount of items in the air and a steady pace...we've gotten pretty good at this.  But this week is going to be crazy!  This week is like going from juggling three bowling pins to juggling one pin, one chain saw, one apple, one tennis ball, one soccer ball, a watermelon, a flaming torch, and a ping pong ball.  I am pretty calm about it despite logically processing the impossibilities of nothing dropping to the floor.

Rachael is set for an appointment on Wednesday to determine the position of the baby.  If he is still breech, they are going to schedule her for a C-section on Thursday.  They would rather a planned surgery over emergency surgery it seems.  If he is in the correct position and finally turned the right way we will have the option of inducing or going home and letting him cause labor naturally.  Knowing my planner of a wife and knowing how uncomfortable she is...I am betting we have a baby by Thursday no matter what position he's in!  But life still goes on, even when a major procedure and event like this comes along...especially when you still have 5 year old twins that depend on you.

So we still have a soccer practice tonight and a game on Saturday.  We still had dance rehearsal for Kenzie yesterday, with school today and Thursday.  I still have two new clients at work that collectively are adding 24 warehouse associates to their production lines, payroll to process, and several past due invoices to collect on.  I still have a bank transfer to make to cover payroll, IRS tax collectors to make happy, a lunch meeting at Chilis with a friend, a few items to go purchase at Target, and yes...a wedding anniversary to celebrate on top of it all.  That does not include the fact that while bags have been packed for Rachael and the kids...that I still haven't packed anything for myself on the hospital days in question.

And I am quite sure I have left several things out.  Thankfully I have people around me to help.  I've got great family, friends, and even co-workers to pick up any slack that I may leave.  Just pray for our sanity this week and in the coming week's as this new chapter in life unfolds.  Life does go on but it certainly throws a few curve balls too!


Mike Messerli said...

juggle away, brother. I'm praying for you. Let me know if I can help in any way.