Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Rude Awakening


2:57 AM! Please pay special attention to the A and the M.  Of all the P and M options in any given 24 hour period...it always has to happen during an A.M. time-slot!  The annoying >CHIRP< not only wakes me and Rachael up but it prevents any possibility of avoidance and a return to slumber.  If it didn't protect my family I might take a baseball bat to the next one that dares make a peep at such an hour.

But perhaps what boggles my >CHIRP< mind well beyond the statistical chances of this always happening in the middle of the night is the added statistical chances of it always being a device that requires a LADDER to reach!  I actually have a few ceilings that would only require a footstool or a tippy-toe-stretch to take care of BUT NO...let's make sure >CHIRP< that this one is on the 12 foot vaulted canopy above the game room.

Last but certainly not least, may I remind the manufacturers of this >CHIRP< world that its 2011.  You have not only failed to bring us into the age of the Jetson's but WHY oh WHY are we still finding out that our smoke detectors are low on batteries >CHIRP< in this old school, very annoying, middle of the night way?  Are you hoping we will believe that technology has not advanced far enough yet to produce a better method than this?

Here's a >CHIRP< suggestion!  Put an energy bar indicator on these things so that we can see when (like a gas tank) the little booger is getting low.  If we are STILL too lazy when the bar dips into the danger zone, then by all >CHIRP< means let the thing annoy us, wake us, or drive us mad.  I guarantee that the minute I noticed ONE smoke detector getting low during a PM hour, I would be on top of that bad boy in seconds.

Last but >CHIRP< not least...NO this isn't good practice for me in preparation for our coming newborn!  Practice is only helpful when it improves your ability.  Case in point when Coach T used to run me ragged all week, it actually HELPED me at the meet on Saturday to place well and contribute to the team >CHIRP<.  It made the pain of Coach's torturous workouts worth it because there was a measurable and attainable goal met just before one felt >CHIRP< like hanging the Nike's up for good.  This is simply not the case for me when it comes to sleep deprivation.  No matter how many times I have been woken up in the middle of the night from birth till last night, there has been no >CHIRP< improvement in my ability to wake up joyfully.  NONE!

Anybody got a spare nine volt battery?



Holly said...

I had this happen to me about 4 times in a matter of a few weeks. All of them between the hours of 2am-4am. What makes it worse, is my dog is horribly frightened by this noise and proceeds to place his 45 lb body on top of me to wake me up when the chirps start happening. And to top it all off, there are about 6 of these things throughout the house so I had to figure out which one was chirping before fixing it. I finally got smart on that 4th bugger and just replaced all of them all over! I feel for ya here!