Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I know that some of you STILL don't have a smart phone device and I have immediately alienated you with this post.  My apologies.  You are hereby invited to join 2011 by visiting your local retailer and purchasing a phone that runs your entire life for you.  Pfft!  Phone calls.  Do phones still make those?

Slingo Supreme
I digress as I would like to make a recommendation that you try out a game application.  Right now on the iPhone, it is listed under the top 25 free apps and its called Slingo.  This is perhaps one of the MOST fun, mindless games around.  I used to play this game years ago online when I had an hour to kill and loved it even then.  So naturally when I saw it available and for free, I grabbed it.  What was an already cool game that often kept me from solving the worlds problems due to its addicting format is now new, improved and will probably stop the space program from moving forward.  Slingo Supreme is the latest release.  And I believe you can still play it online as well by clicking HERE and visiting the product website.

I also HIGHLY recommend Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja in case you've not yet discovered the joys of these games.  I would say they are equally as awesome only ranking a bit lower due to being overplayed by yours truly.  Alas they will stay on my iPhone and be revisited after some time has passed and Slingo has properly turned my brain to mush.

Currently Playing on the Wii:

With Michael - Lego Indiana Jones Part 2 

With Mackenzie - Donkey Kong and Disney Princess

What game(s) is your family playing right now? 
Any recommendations?