Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Smart Phone?

For the most part the name fits.  My phone can keep my calendar, reminding me of important dates and meetings.  It sends and receives text messages.  It takes and stores catalogs of photos that can be emailed or uploaded.  It plays YouTube videos, gives me stock reports, guides me via GPS, delivers the daily weather forecast, lets me take notes, listen to music, make calculations, voice memo's, and can give me the time of day in any time zone.  And all of these features are just on page one of four in my app's database.  Smart indeed.

Most of the time anyway.

I have discovered something as of late that has me questioning the level of intelligence this phone may or may not actually have.  If phones had a measurable intelligence quotient that we could analyze before buying them, where would it score?  I have endured many a glitch, but this most recent one is just strange.  My "smart" phone knew about the time change.  It automatically switched the internal clock without me having to do anything at all.  Call Mensa...we have an IQ off the charts here.

 But wait.  Why is my alarm which is set to go off at 6:50AM going off at 5:50AM?  A SMART PHONE would know how dumb it is to try waking me up an HOUR before I need to be up!!  A SMART PHONE would know that such an error could cost it a few components or an all expenses paid flight out a second story, bedroom window.

It seems the phone's programming failed to communicate to ALL its app components that the time change also means that the alarm time adjusts accordingly.  Perhaps like some of our favorite fictional sentient beings, it needs a reboot.  They can only be so smart until their limitations are realized and their true functionality is found out.

So...tell me how to fix this glitch!  And while you're at it why can't I upload photos to Facebook from the iPhone?  I used to be able but now it gives me an error message and asks if I want to try later?  At this rate, it will be a long while before we need to fear an A.I. Apocalypse!