Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thoughts From An Exhausted Mind

For those few readers that don't know...my newborn son arrived on March 24th @ 12:35PM.  He was 8lbs on the dot and 19 1/2 inches.  I am really not sure why we give length, weight, and timestamp stats like that but who am I to buck tradition?  For those that may be interested I am 190lbs, 6'1", and writing this at 9:37AM. 

Having now endured several days of sleep deprivation my thoughts are quite scattered.  So rather than put together a coherent piece that edifies the masses, I would rather just share a few of those random observations.

1. Lewisville Medical Center - It was much closer to us than where the twins were born.  The medical staff was great and very attentive to mom and baby.  But I do have a gripe that can easily be its own blog post later on when my brain starts functioning again.  They seem to have an administration that pushes these labor and delivery nurses to evaluate a mothers "at home" viability.  That, in and of itself is a good idea.  But this leads them to make very silly and potentially dangerous decisions and recommendations.  First off, I might advise them to understand not every mother on their floor is a NEW mother.  My wife and I had living proof right in front of their eyes that we can take, not one BUT TWO babies home and have them reach the age of at least 5 years.  But I digress and will let the full details of that story hit the inter-webs in a few more days.

2. One is easier...but not necessarily easy.  Rachael and I are much more calm this-go-round.  We realize that a baby can cry for a few minutes before rushing to his aid.  We realize that that we cannot stop being parents to his older brother and sister.  We also realize that with just one, we have the ability to trade off and give one another much needed breaks.  Last night was the first time we actually took advantage of our two to one odds and both got a few hours each of rest.  Its early yet but so far this baby has NO colic issues, no spit up problems, no medical concerns, and is generally happy so long as he's fed and warm.  Even his dirty diapers do not make him cry, so we have to occasionally check just to make sure he isn't sitting on a mess.  But I think we would both also admit that one is still not a cake walk.  Joshua's favorite challenge for us is his unwillingness to sleep between the hours of 11PM and 3AM. That is just his window of time that he wants to be awake, active, and in need of his parents.  The dude can saw logs for the better part of every daylight hour available but chooses to take the one block of time that we need some sleep to get his groove on. 

3. Great Family & Friends - Between the outpouring on Facebook, the personal visits, the gifts, the meals, the phone calls, the texts, and the continuous offers to do or bring things to us...we are a very blessed family.  We are overwhelmed by your love and support and cannot thank you all enough.  Much of our ability to get through this first week has been on the energy generated from your encouragement of us!

4. Life Goes On - I've taken a few days off of work but have to go in for a few minutes this morning with an official return on Thursday.  Mackenzie still had dance class yesterday, Michael had a soccer game that I coached on Saturday, and practice again tonight.  School is still on Tuesday and Thursday and for some reason our Church still had services on Sunday despite our family's new arrival.  I write this with a sarcastic tone of course but it is one of those revelations that is harder to realize than you might think.  When your own personal world is turned upside down, you spend days and hours out of the normal routine, something in the recesses of your mind begins believing that the rest of the world must be going through this as well.  Thankfully having the older siblings helps us to keep focus and remember that something exists beyond dirty diapers and midnight feedings.

More random thoughts will likely post soon as well as the promised RANT on the hospital stay.  Until then...feel free to leave comments, advice, or your own nuggets of wisdom.