Wednesday, March 02, 2011


If recent reports are to be believed the Girl Scout Cookies sales for this year are not stacking up to previous years.  It's still early yet and perhaps those numbers will improve before any final conclusions can be made.  Economic factors are the hypothesized source for this issue as people have been forced to use their cookie money to pay the electric bill.  Pfft!  Who needs electricity? 

My family did our part this year by ordering six boxes.  Save for the occasional neighbor or good friend stopping by its about the only time we enjoy answering our front door.  Cookies are something we can get behind!  As such, my family has done its own market study and while we do not dismiss the notion of a down economy being a contributing factor to the waning sales...we believe to have stumbled onto perhaps the MAIN issue...

...OREO's has done it!

I present to you the Mint Oreo:

Now before you scoff and nay must try one of these.  I am not a big Oreo fan.  I can name at least five other types and brands I might prefer to eat before Oreo's come to mind.  But this, my friends, is a stroke of pure genius.  I believe someone inside the GSA (Girl Scouts of America) let the Thin Mint recipe leak out to top exec's at Nabisco.  But they didn't stop there!  Oh no they didn't.  I will go so far as to say that they have perfected and bested the Thin Mint.  I have a box of both in my house and the comparison studies just don't lie.  If Oreo's ever get a Brownie Troop involved with the distribution operation...I fear for the future of the GSA.

At least they still have Tagalongs!