Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo Friday Frenzy - 14

Category: Easter

Instructions: Vote on your favorite photo of these eight in the right margin of this page. You have from Friday (today) until Monday morning to make your selection.

Vote closed. Winner: He is Risen

Editors Note:  For what its worth I have a very cynical and dogmatic viewpoint about Easter.  Like with Christmas, I don't believe bunnies, eggs, or candy have anything to do with the MAIN point of the celebration.  If you want to know just how cynical, click here and brace yourself.  But in effort to not be a complete Scrooge, here is an Easter based Photo Friday spread for your enjoyment!

Bunny pains
Who needs a sleigh?
Eggs with personality
I always wondered about that...

Storm Rabbit

He brings eggs and TERROR

Gore was right!
He is Risen indeed!!


Jeremy said...

All of the photos are cute but the He is Risen is just what it is all about. Love to all the family