Monday, April 04, 2011

Spores of Evil

If I didn't know better I might be tempted to call my allergy suffering one of the deadly plagues of the End Times!  I have always had some suffering of allergies each year but for some reason this Spring has me especially miserable. 

Suffering at this level causes a person to consider radical ideas:

Symptom                           Theorized Solution

Itchy, Watery Eyes              Perhaps I should pluck them out
Irritated Throat, Cough        Swallow razor blades?
Inner Ear Itch                      Can this Qtip touch brain?
Runny Nose                        Permanently seal & DIY tracheotomy

I really don't know why this season has been any worse than years past.  Perhaps its the lack of rain helping to knock all of the pollen out of the air.  Perhaps its the unusually high winds blowing the spores of evil everywhere.  Or perhaps its yet another perk of getting older.  Whatever the case, I need a new solution.  No regimen of Benadryl or Claritin seems to be working for me.  At best, they might be minimizing my already horrid symptoms...which is a very scary idea. 

Last night I Googled "allergy shots" and was disappointed.  It seems you cannot just go in and get the miracle injection.  They give you shots off and on again for months at a time and you apparently have to keep up with them for a couple of years before seeing any long term benefits.  Even then, some people never get relief.  That is a risk and a financial burden that I am not sure to be worth taking.

So help me out!  What is the remedy that you recommend?  Do you get the shots?  Do you have a home remedy?  Are you one of the lucky ones that has supernatural immunity from this mayhem?  Leave your comments, advice, or taunts below.


Melissa said...

Veramist. The swelling in my nasal passages is my most annoying symptom and after a squirt in each nostril, I can breathe again! Maybe nasonex? Anything applied topically directly to the source of the problem makes the most sense to me. Both require Rx, but only one visit to the dr. Have you tried nasal rinses. I did them for the past couple of years and somehow haven't even needed them this year? Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Susie Bibb said...

I got allergy shots for a while...until I had a bad reaction. I didn't get to the top level, but it was helping. It made it so that the medicine actually helped! Now, one of my sons gets's tough to get in every week, though. You can go through a quick thing with the allergy have to ask the allergist, but when you get your first shot, you can actually hang out a full day and they will give you shot after shot until you are up pretty high on the levels (or whatever they're called)... Couldn't talk my son into that! Ha!

Craig V said...

I'm an anti-corp guy, I always seek the natural approach rather than go with Big Pharma's drugs.

I use to have bad allergy symptoms, nothing really seemed to work, then along came SinusBuster! An all natural capsicum pepper (like in pepper sprays) alternative. There's now an AllergyBuster version that I shoot occasionally to keep them nasty symptoms at bay. Worked for me and my big honker. It was just available online or for rediculous prices at "health stores", but with a rise in the popularity of homeopathics it is now available now at CVS ($15). Check it out - But bewarned broah, it will "bite" at first, but it will clear them sinus out. I've gotton a little addicted to that bite! LOL!

BTW - Congrats on the baby!