Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why I Do This...

In June of 2007 I stumbled onto the YouTube underground.  On the homepage was a featured video by an atheist I had never before heard of.  I clicked the link and watched a man present an argument against Christianity.  He had objections, questions, and statements that caused quite a stir in me.  Many of his issues were once issues of my own.  Many of his gripes were my past gripes.  And mostly I just felt like this guy needed answers.  If no one else would answer him, I would see what I could do.

Little did I know how this underground worked at the time.  I went about making a blog post addressing him on more than one occasion and kept emailing him asking that he read it.  I think I still have one of those old posts up over HERE.  After weeks of no responses from the guy, he finally sent me a one sentence reply. 

"If you want me to respond to you, make a video!" 

In other words he wasn't interested in blogs or emails.  He wanted me to meet him on his turf and that was to make a video and give him the link or attach it to his video.  Well three things prevented his request from coming true:

1. I had no camera at the time.
2. He got kicked off of YouTube when I finally bought said camera. He has since been allowed back.
3. Another Christian named ChristoferL had already answered him.

Brett Keane is in some part responsible for my channel's existence.  And I am not the only Christian that he spurred into Apologetic action.  I've heard many a fellow brother/sister in Christ with their own channels tell a similar story.  It is the Brett Keane's of the world and who he as one individual represents at large that spurs me to share my story, my testimony, and my heart with any that will listen.

I didn't make the difference with Brett.  I take no credit for the video I just watched.  But I would be lying if I didn't admit that THIS is the exact reason for my online ministry and that I want to do back-flips right now.