Thursday, May 26, 2011

Biggest Dork

They say if you have to explain a joke, its just not funny.  Well "they" are probably right but I am undeterred and will risk it.  At best, the explanation may actually allow you to enjoy this spoof offering.  As worst, I will just prove to have earned the Biggest Dork label by committing this social  faux pas.

About a month ago I made a Dos Equis Spoof Video and posted it to Facebook and YouTube.  NO ONE seemed to get it.  NO ONE.  Even my wife admitted that she thought the video was a bit silly but was not sure what was going on.  And since she is my litmus tester for all of my posts I figured this might be a universal issue and I took the post least on Facebook.

So let me introduce you to the Dos Equis spokesman:
According to the commercials he is the MOST interesting man in the world.  Each spot is hilarious in its own right but all of them follow a simple formula:

Three facts supporting WHY he is so interesting are presented and then he concludes by sharing his thoughts on beer all while an adventurous tune plays in the background.

Seems simple enough.  Here is an example of one such commercial:

Well my spoof follows the same formula but my title is different from his.  After all there can only be one MOST interesting man.  So I had to think about what, if anything, I might be able to convincingly claim being a world wide BEST at doing.  This was the result:

And if the spoof commercial isn't proof enough that this title belongs to me perhaps the fact that I had to explain this joke will.  It's a win/win they way I see it.