Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate...

I'm guilty.  I have a conspiracy theorist tendancy.  When rumors that the sky is falling circulate I may not fully believe what's being said but I'll stand under cover just in case.  And that is how I've always dealt with information that MAY or MAY NOT actually affect me or even be accurate.

But when my twins were born in 2005 suddenly this crazy world with all its dangers (both fake and real) became an even scarier place.  Suddenly I also had to make decisions as to what was good for two other people. So when reports of vaccines potentially being more harmful than helpful first came wife and I had a LONG, heart-felt discussion.  She ultimately won and we've vaccinated all three kids to some degree.  But she did make some compromises that were somewhat in line with standing under cover in case reports of falling sky activity turn out to be true.  We ended up delaying several of the shots and avoiding others (like flu shots) completely.

Now it might be inspite of us not because of us that our children thus far appear to be fine.  But thus far, we are blessed with healthy children.  Now vaccines are back in the news again.  The experts, like our politicians, keep flip-flopping back and forth about whether or not there is a bonafide link between various childhood medical problems (namely but not limited to autism) and the number of vaccinations now required before a child enters school.  That combined with a detailed analysis of what is actually in these syringes and its enough to convince the toughest of skeptics to take cover.

So what does your family do?  What are your thoughts on the reports and how do you make heads or tails of the information?

Speaking of consipacry theorists, here is perhaps the worlds biggest one...Alex Jones.  I really don't listen to much of what this guy has to say.  But I also don't dismiss everything either when I do come across one of his videos.  Take a look at this part three of four and add your two cents.


M said...

I'm with you, cuz. If we believed everything we heard we would be in a constant state of panic, but we also can't cover our ears singing, going on and doing eveything we are told.

In general I believe that injecting our bodies (and ingesting into our bodies) chemicals and "foods" generated in a lab are harmful. My children also got the minimal vaccines because I thought the risks of not having them outweighed the risks. The flu vaccine is a scam. The only year I got one, I got more sick than I have in my whole life. This year Layla was the only one to get the flu vaccine and also the only one to get the flu?

I know too many people who take one drug to cure one thing and end up needing another drug to cure the side effects of the first. I think that pharmaceutical companies have way too much control and influence. Doctors should educate themselves more and it should be illegal to advertise drugs on TV. Your doctor should recemmend and prescribe drugs. We are self-medicating the symptoms and not looking at the causes, most of which diet can cure.

There are a few conditions and diseases in which drugs increase quality of life, but I vote to stay away as much as possible.

Last thing: about aluminum, Coca Cola out of a can is the best! I guess I need to start buying glass...(I also believe plastic is poison).

Robin Sampson said...

We don't vaccinate. I did until 1984 but then started studying the statistics. One year we went on a homeschool camp-out and there was a whooping cough outbreak. My kids did not get it. Many did--many of these ones that did had been vaccinated against whooping cough. That satisfied me. Talk to a mother whose child was walking and talking until the MMR. Sad but happens a LOT.

Robin Sampson said...

Also see
Vaccines Break Bible Dietary Laws :

Craig V said...

Who knows what's crossing the U.S. borders these days? Some common sense is required. We may told by God to "give unto Caesar" and submit to authority He has put in place (God controls all things), but I also believe the more you can live without corporate or governmental influences in your life the better off you are.

I find it interesting that people will whine about elitists "poisoning" public resources and things like vaccines and drugs, but themselves are consuming corporate crap which does as much if not more harm to the mind, body and soul.

Alex Jones, like all Chicken Littles, do not give credence to the sovereignty of God - and they didn't become over weight and in lethargic health from eating healthy. Show me a man with a gut and I'll show you a man that needs a cleaning of his own temple (mind body and soul) before preaching on others'. Jesus Himself preached of the benefits of healthy eating and even mentions a limited raw food diet after the winter's fattening up.

To poster "M" - You worry about drinking cola out of a can, but the cola its self is a far worse toxin for the body than any concern from the container its consumed from.

And engage the brain for just a moment - Do not these corporate and government "elitists" and their families consume from the same public resources they are accused of trying to harm?

Seems to me a world lead without putting God first leads to a world of stupidity.

- Think, reason, repent!