Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eleven Years Ago...

It was my second double shift in a row.  The dinner rush was in full swing and I was irritated.  Not just because of my exhausted disposition but I was missing the meeting.  And more importantly I was going to miss all the fun afterwards as well!  My only consolation was that my shift ended at 10PM and I could always join them at whatever midnight movie theater or bowling alley they ended up at.

Back then I was part of a church college group.  We were about 25 members strong and a tight nit social network of friends.  Saturday nights when I wasn't working were spent in a Bible Study that always led to some type of random fun afterwards.  And being young and dumb most times this fun would not end at a decent hour.  Which is probably one of many reasons for the exhaustion on this particular day.  The night before several of us had hung out to the wee hours of the morning leaving me to function on just a few hours of sleep before today's double.

To my surprise and much improved mood, the group was now walking in the door of my restaurant. It seems they decided to bring the fun to me rather than have me left out.  It was either that or the free food they knew I would dispense...but I'd rather not speculate.  The point friends are here and the night is ours.  That is so long as they will hang out until my shift is over!

As they poured through my line, I was handing them their drink cups and asking what kind of pizza they wanted when my eyes met hers. 

"Who was the NEW girl in the group?", I thought to myself. 

"She is beautiful!! I wonder who brought her or how she found out about our group?"

I handed "hot-new-girl" her cup and explained that there was no charge, still captivated and trying not to get caught ogling or drooling.

I was now on a new mission.  I was no longer concerned about getting out of there to catch the midnight flick, I had to get through this dinner rush so I could go sit at her table and talk to her.  With a line packed twenty deep and phone orders pouring in time seemed to be getting away from me. 

Finally!  Almost an hour later things had slowed down enough that my staff could take the helm for a few minutes while I sat and talked with my friends and especially...her!  But as I headed around the counter to complete my mission, she stood up, said her goodbyes, and walked out.

"Noooo!  Where is hot girl going?", I thought to myself. Or maybe I said it out loud.  My exhaustion is playing mind tricks on me.

As I approached the table that was now minus the reason for all my excitement, I slumped into a chair and said a half-hearted "Hello" to everyone trying to hide my disappointment.  Having figured out this was a guest of Kelly's, I asked her who this mystery girl was.

 I must have made it obvious that my inquiry was much more than curiosity because her eyes lit up as she replied, "That is my friend Rachael...and she is looking for a good Christian guy like yourself!" A bit embarrassed that she cut straight to the point and saw right through me I got excited at the news that she was single and began hoping she might come back.  Kelly assured me that she would let it be known that I asked about her and that she would probably visit our group again just to see who it was making all the fuss over her.

That was 11 years and two weeks ago in Lewisville, TX @ Mama's Pizza where I met the woman of my dreams for the first time.  She was 23 years old, about to turn 24!  And it is on THIS...her Birthday that these memories have been flooding through my mind bringing a smile to my face.  I don't care if its cheesy or mushy and gross to everyone else...I love her dearly!  With all of my heart and soul!  God hand picked her just for me and I know it!  That was one of the BEST days of my life!

Happy Birthday Rachael!


Neil said...

Beautiful story, thanks for sharing! So glad to see people who do it right.

rob reed said...

Happy birthday, Ms. TheEdge! Nice story, bro.

/how was the pizza?

Jim said...

Thanks Neil & Rob! Yes...its the best pizza in town!

Pony and Petey said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That is the funniest thing I've seen all day!!!! Dude... you should be in Hollywood = )