Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marketing FAIL!

Let me preface this rant accordingly:
  • I own an iPhone.
  • I love my iPhone.
  • It is the best phone that I've used to date.
  • I am not an Apple fanatic or avid critic.
So when I first watched this following commercial on television the other day I did a double take.  Surely I didn't hear what I thought I just heard!  If so, that was not only the LAZIEST tag line ever but it was simply arrogant, beyond belief!

We have had the Marketing genius over the years of things like:

  • Just Do It
  • Snap, Crackle, Pop
  • The Real Thing
  • Plop, plop, fizz
  • Finger lickin' good
  • Do you Yahoo?
  • Once you pop you can't stop
  • It keeps going...and going
These are slogans that took time, effort, and a team of bright marketing minds to come up with.  And the fact that you can probably name each company that corresponds with those tag lines is proof that they did a good job.  But someone actually came up with this:


Seriously?  My five year olds can do better!  Imagine if we applied this laziness and arrogance to all products and said things like: "If you don't have Nike.  Well then you don't have Nike."  Apple needs to get off its high horse for letting this get through quality control and it needs to fire the team that came up with idea in the first place.  At the very least I hope they didn't PAY actual MONEY for that!

If you haven't read or commented on this blog, well you haven't read or commented on this blog!


Susie Bibb said...

See...now, I kinda like obvious marketing. Remember that movie 'Crazy People'? 'Volvo...Boxy but good.' Actually, the more I think about it...the funnier the apple ad gets... Yeah, you call it FAIL, I call it sinking in...I mean...they got you talking about it! The lameness is the catchy part. :)

Jim said...

All good points to consider. My only rebuttle is this:

While its true that negative or annoying slogans are effective in causing a person to remember said product (A) they run the risk of upsetting or losing customers with that strategy and (B) I don't think Apple was trying to employ that technique in this case. I think they were just exerting their corporate arrogance and/or just being lazy. Perhaps I am being too critical though!

Susie Bibb said...

Arrogant, it is...but that's Apple's thing...and it does appeal to their core market.