Thursday, June 02, 2011

Taco Chips

Well Doritos has done it! It took years of experimentation, three mad scientists, and a lab accident involving two broken beakers BUT they've done it. Yes folks they've created a new flavor of tortilla chip. Unless they invent the ice cream flavored chip next I believe they have captured just about every possible flavor combination known to man.

However. It is not enough for my sophisticated pallet to just have a new flavor. It must be enjoyable or else the mad scientists with Bunsen burner burns have wasted years of research and sacrificed their epidermis tissue for nothing!

So as my wife brought home this newly designed but rather attractive bag of crispy corn delights, I poured myself a bowl, perched in my man chair watching my favorite shows for the evening and partook. The verdict? While it doesn't quite fool my taste buds into believing there is an actual taco in my mouth, I must say it's a tasty victory.

On on 5 Dorito Chip scale, I will have to give it...

So go get a bag and try them for yourself.  According to the label this is a limited time promotion!

Got any recommendations of your own?  Let me know what foods or products you think are a must have in the comment section!


Susie Bibb said...

Did you ever try the cheeseburger chips? My kids have looked for them at the stores, but maybe they were also for a limited time..?

Jim said...

Never heard of or tried that one. Sounds interesting though!

Junkyard Sam said...

LOL your blogpost is awesome. "crispy corn delights" is how I will refer to all quality chips from now on!!!

Hey the text is a little hard to read on the transparent/image background though. Aside from that, awesome blog 'ole buddy!!!

Jim said...

Thanks my friend. Glad to add a new phrase to your vernacular! I may change the look of the blog soon. I've noticed that flaw myself and have been too lazy to experiement with a good fix.