Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What The Hail?

Facebook friends capture hail accumulation and size.
We interrupt the previously scheduled DCTA Rant with a Weather Report..  We will resume your normal programming soon and apologize for this interruption.  Seriously...what is going on?  Call it El Nino, or End Times Weather.  Blame climate change due to carbon emissions or climate change due to pole shifting.  Maybe its HAARP technology or maybe its complete coincidence.  No matter your theory, we can all agree that the weather has been off the charts weird, not just locally but globally as well.

Whether its a Winter that doesn't know when to go away, extremely large tornado outbreaks, hurricanes pounding the coasts, earthquakes, or tsunamis...we have few places to hide.  I used to think Dallas was a very safe option since we are not on any fault lines and too far inland for coastal weather to keep its destructive strength.  But in the last few months I have ushered my family into the downstairs bathroom more than I have in every past season combined.

It seems there is no such thing anymore as a Rain Shower.  You know the kind where your kids put on rain boots and stomp around in puddles, finally getting a chance to use their Spiderman and Princess umbrellas?  The kind that waters your lawn, garden, and trees instead of destroying them?  The photos above are from a few of my Facebook Friends.  The photographer of the second photo from the left claims that the ice was piled so high that she could not open her back door.

At 3AM give or take...the DFW area was rudely awoken by a Squall Line blowing 80 MPH winds horizontally, pelting nickle to ping pong sized hail at our west facing windows.  Oh but my wife and I were jolted into consciousness just before all that as a very close lightning strike set off our security alarm!  But we have been through this before.  So this time we didn't really get too anxious as we gathered up our newborn, headed down stairs, and watched through half blurry eyes as the weathermen (what few were covering it) explained the various dangers that this storm presents.  By that time, all said dangers had past.

And we knew things were fine when the storms finally got quiet enough that we could actually HEAR the weather sirens!  Too bad they didn't shut them off till almost 5AM!!  Who's in charge of those things anyway?


mcfly3 said...

There's the 'cut through it' question: what happened to rain showers? We are blessed with an early-early warning system: the youngest jack Russell, Harley, wakes from a dead sleep if the atmospheric pressure drops to within...oh...1.23 jigabars of when storms think about getting together. He jams his snout in my ear, which means, "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" and we kinda help him through it from there...feel you on the baby thing, bra. But yeah, good question: have 'just rain showers' gone the way of regular light bulbs, family friendly TV, and consecutive Cowboy playoff victories?

Al Gore said...

I told you global warming is real! No one wanted to believe! Kiss my fat butt!

Jim said...

Al...I think you are still just sore about the election. But thanks for the hilarious comment!

Jim said...

Mcfly...I must give you an "Amen"!