Monday, June 27, 2011

What's The Payoff?

Living in the moment has its advantages.  For instance enjoying every second that your infant baby is so small and helpless.  Taking mental snapshots of every soccer goal and every dance recital.  Letting your wife's birthday celebration play in slow motion.  But living in the moment is also what leads people, namely me, to make some stupid choices...ones that don't have a long term benefit.

Whether it is something small like breaking a diet and exercise routine or something big like indulging in sinful anger (yes I've done both of these very recently), it has very little payoff!  Sure in that moment, the deliciously warm strawberry filling of the perfectly toasted Pop Tart tastes WONDERFUL.  But then its gone and your belly is NOT. 

And sure fuming with proper scowl on face in order to make your entire family feel guilty for being too loud whilst you attempted nap number 4017 that didn't turn out well FEELS right, perhaps even righteously justified.  But then you have that sobering moment where you get to see just how ridiculous you've acted.  It's that realization of shame, remorse, and utter embarrassment.  And unfortunately I have many of these moments behind me.  I can only pray that few remain ahead of me...but I know the odds.

As I reflected on this during my morning commute today I was hit like a ton of bricks by just how BIG a failure I am.  I would have let that drive me to despair and perhaps a really bad day of punishing myself. But the GULF of failure just highlights how MUCH MORE abundant and awesome the Mercy, Love, and Glory of Christ is!  His sacrifice didn't just cover some of my idiotic, fleshy moments.  It covered them all!

A lowly sinner like me.  Whodathunk?


Craig V said...

Rejoice brother! - You're experiencing repentance - "an on going change of the heart", which is the sign of God's touch and your walk with Christ Jesus down the path of regeneration. Listen carefully brother, God is talking to you.

I like Paul Washer's analogy on the processes of repentance and regeneration - like a pig eating garbage that begins to realize he is eating filthy garbage and it begins to tastes badly in his mouth. Soon he comes to discover he doesn't want to eat garbage like the other pigs anymore. As you experience those moments of regrets you'll realizing your missteps off the righteous path.

I can't remember the last time I had a Pop-Tart or even soda (yukk!) - Since significantly reducing all that sort of corporate processed garbage out of my system, combine with knowing the world will be as God wills it, life isn't so stressing. Good health also includes the mind - we are still dependent on the biological chemical balance of our bodies - most of what is sold on the shelves is toxic garbage - such things can and do affect our emotional states and thinking.

God had slapped me extra hard to get me back on the right path - I've since come to reconize more of God's "disaplining voice" and to listen hard more than I use to. It is said God will break you, then rebuild you as His elect to His glory. Rejoice - you're not a lowly sinner, you're an elect child of God! ...Hopefully you'll not need such a Holy whacking as I did ;)

As my basic philosophy goes - put God first and the less Gov and big corps (the beast) is allowed in our lives the clearer the view down the path becomes.

- Think, reason, repent!

Jim said...

That analogy is a good one. Especially when I think about just how lost I once was. The growth process is just that...a process and it amazes me sometimes how much I have yet to learn. And just when I think I got it down, I get a new lesson sent my way with a dose of humilty to boot! Thanks for your encouragment and patronage of my blog!