Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ain't No Good

If we had a foot race between Santa Claus and a Good Person who would win?

It's actually a trick question because neither Mr. Claus nor Mr. Good exist.  Yet I spent most of my life up until my early twenties betting it all that the answer to this question was a Good Person because I believed such a mythical being actually existed and that I was indeed one of them.

It has taken many years of walking in the Faith with many hard lessons behind me to come to this conclusion.  And this is one of those issues that doesn't necessarily divide atheist and Christian.  There are many within church walls that believe they are good people and that somehow their goodness will have an affect on their salvation come Judgement Day.

If you are one of these people you have one, two, or perhaps BOTH of these issues:

1.  You have failed to understand the true depths of your own depravity.

2. You have failed to understand how Holy and Perfect God and His standards are.

For me it was mostly category one but I certainly have dabbled in both arenas.  Today as I was enjoying my quiet time I was compelled to expound upon this lesson and share the following video with you.  I hope it blesses you and perhaps helps you to avoid some of the difficult trials that have brought me to this realization.  Comments of agreement or dissent are certainly welcome if you'd like to discuss!