Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boys Who Can Shave

"Tu es buen Papa!" - said our waitress at Cristinas.

She was paying me a compliment for being a good daddy because I was feeding Joshua a bottle.  She went on to explain how her husband never helps her with their almost two year old daughter.  He never got up to help with feedings, he didn't change diapers, he just expected her to do it all.

So what was a flattering compliment at first ended in a confession that brought shame to fellow mankind.  And unfortunately this isn't the first story of this sort that I've heard.  Sadder still is that I am not exempt from this problem just because I am more hands on with the kids than some.

The problem is a general societal lack of expectation on men.  This of course is coupled with a Peter Pan syndrom that most of us have to varying degrees.  But there is a BIG difference between hanging onto some childlike qualities and remaining childish.  Our wives are not just 2.0 versions of our Mom's.  Let's act like Men instead of grown boys who can shave!!


Craig V said...

I believe mankind is already in deep shame and no one is exempt from sin - but some are charged by God to bare the responsibility of holding a higher standard.

Do you think the waitress ever gave a thought to placing the responsibility upon herself for the consequences of the choices she's made? Men and women both share in the shame of not accepting the responsibilities that come in being an adult.

The difference between a Believer and others is a growing walk in Christ - Should not we seek to share that with others when possible?

When you hear these sort of stories from folks do you share what God has done in your life with them? What was your response to the waitress?

I can't see someone "dumping" on me without it being an invitation to reciprocate in kind to God's glory ;)

Let's act like responsible Christian men and women who openly give glory to our Lord and trust He will be our teacher, our shield and our savior!

Craig V said...

Jim, are you familiar with the term "Puer Aeternus"? The implications in psychology are interesting - backed by neuroscience it gets fascinating when applied to atheism; Not to mention how the Bible parallels and gives credence to such things.

Jim said...

You have a point about using such situations as opportunities to share our own stories. But alas I did not. Thankfully we go there often enough that I can still do so next time around.

I had not heard of Puer Aeternus and looked it up. It is definitely the Peter Pan issue that I speak of. I got the title and general idea from Mark Driscol on YouTube. He has an awesome Men's Ministry that quite often delivers a good kick in the pants to those suffering from such prolonged adolecent issues.

Craig V said...

Sometimes we just can't witness as we'd like - I never viewed myself as the "sidewalk preacher" type, I'm not much for the crowd scenes nor parading my personal life all over the web. Shining our Light when we can is a good thing to keep in mind so the world doesn't put that light out - From a simple "God bless" to a full blown testimonial it's about planting a seed not growing a tree in a day. Just the other day I had a little discussion on dangers of high fructose corn syrup that lead into the Biblical views on health and diet. I love looking out for opportunities to dish out a little "somebody upstairs is looking out for me today" statement - sometimes it opens a door to some one God has plans for ;)