Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Worst Best Show

If you are going to give your kids their Best, Worst experience or their Worst, Best experience...neither are ideal but the latter is preferable.  That is the most accurate way to describe last nights adventure to go see fireworks.  For the first time ever we decided to go to the Denton show.  We wanted to be as close to home as possible so that we were not stuck driving home from Flower Mound with two kids that still needed a bath hours after their bedtimes.  Rachael elected not to go this year desiring instead to let the baby sleep and not be dragged to yet another location this weekend.

This meant me and the twins could get REALLY close to the show this year which is something they haven't ever experienced.  In shows past we usually sit in  parking lots a couple miles away so that we can make a clean getaway and not get bogged down in too much traffic.  But some of my best memories in Louisiana were sitting on the banks of the Red River with exploding fireworks directly overhead.  So I was out to recreate this memory even if it meant a little traffic. 

We arrived at Fouts Field after enduring bumper to bumper bottlenecks for the better part of 20 minutes, only to have the parking attendant tell us the lot was full.  I drove over to and parked in front of Clark Hall instead and the three of us hiked a half mile over to the Super Pit and found some prime real estate very close to but not actually IN the stadium.  Then it began...

  • Hot, humid, sitting & waiting.
  • Kids complaining that there was nothing to do
  • Other kids sliding down hill on cardboard.
  • We didn't have cardboard.
  • Hot, humid, sitting & waiting.
  • Thinking the show was supposed to start at 9PM only to hear someone say 9:30PM
  • Kids complaining of being tired and bored.
  • Other kids playing games on cell phones.
  • My cell phone dead.
  • Hot, humid, sitting & waiting.
  • It is 9:40PM and still no fireworks.
  • Kids complaining that they cannot wait any longer.
  • Dad offering to take them home.
  • Kids realizing the only thing worse than waiting even longer is going home without fireworks.
  • Hot, humid, sitting & waiting.
  • Dad finally asks what time it is and finds out its 10 minutes till 10.
  • Dad says seventh prayer that God supernaturally ignite the fireworks.
  • KABOOM!!!!
  • Enter THE BEST FIREWORKS SHOW we've ever seen exploding just overhead.  Amazing colors, sizes, shapes, sounds, and rapid fire sequences.  Every time we thought it might be over, they had more surprises in store for us.  The kids called it "Magical", "Amazing", and said "This is THE Best. We have to come here every year Dad!"
  • Redemption
  • Oops...wait!  Shows over, fight the crowds back to the car.
  • Get in car at 10:20PM with two overly tired 5 year olds and fight just to get out of parking lot for 15 minutes.
  • Finally breaking free, son decides he needs dad to pull over at hotel so he can pee.
  • Returning to car, finding a back-road to avoid highway traffic and viola!  We get home at 11:06 PM.
It was the BEST of times.  It was the WORST of times!  Happy Independence Day!