Tuesday, August 02, 2011

3 Reasons

This post and corresponding video were produced for three reasons:

1. Gratuitous Pride - Not the kind where I get all puffed up and full of myself...but rather the kind a dad feels when he realizes how amazingly blessed he is to have kids like mine.  I couldn't have ever imagined when meeting Rachael that these three miracles would enter my life and bring to it even more love, deeper meaning, and a passionate desire to be better in all things. 

2. Baby Steps - Upon watching my infant son (who is actually not even close to walking yet) make the herculean effort to move himself a few feet across the floor, I've concluded that Baby Steps are misunderstood.  We use this phrase to imply a gradual and somewhat easy progression of growth or conquering goals and problems.  But for an actual baby there is LOTS of effort involved.  Just to take a couple of steps without falling or aid of a walker is incredible.  The amount of learning and neural connections being forged combined with the exhaustion of just a few minutes effort is eye-opening.  To truly take Baby Steps in life is to accomplish much more than we often give credit.

3. Encouragement - As you will see in the video below, Joshua had a cheering section.  Made up of his older siblings and parents we celebrated his every victory as he claimed an inch of ground at a time.  His brother and sister were chanting..."Go Joshua Go!" or telling him "You can do it!".  How many of us could benefit from such a display of love and inspiration?  I believe this is something we should all strive to do more often with one another.  Encourage and "cheer on" your friends, loved ones, co-workers, and fellow man!