Monday, August 22, 2011

3rd, 1st Day of School

Toughness can be measured in three distinct ways (probably more if I stop and think about it).  There is Physical, Mental, and Emotional toughness.  I am a Man's Man in two out of three categories.  Being an athlete for the better part of my life made physical and mental challenges par for the course.  In other words it was all too common to endure above average strains in these two categories and therefore pretty easy for me to excel or at least keep up with the average Joe. 

Where I fail horribly and have in multiple situations put my "man-card" in jeopardy of revocation is emotional toughness.  What can I say?  I am a softy.  I wear my feelings on my sleeve and only managed to conceal this fact long enough through Middle & High School years to NOT be severely beaten for it.  If it matters to me, then I cannot help but care passionately.  And even if I was made of man can quite defeat the Kryptonite that is his own children.  If anything can make a man jump into action or choke down a Disney-lump-in-their-throats after being forced by those rug-rats to watch Woody and Buzz be given away...I digress.

So I half expected today to be one of those times where some Jim-otions sprang forth a bit.  After all, not only is this the FIRST day of school for my twins...its' the FIRST day of Kindergarten in Public school.  All new kids.  All new teachers and faculty.  They are in Elementary.  Five days per week, all day long.  Also a first is that they will be in separate classes.  And there were some tears this morning.  But none came from me.  Mackenzie realized that it was still dark out when we woke her up and that was too scary a prospect for her to desire to continue her education.

But sure enough we got her to change her mind and after hand-delivering both of them to their classrooms, I simply waved goodbye and returned to the car.  Not a lump, not a tear, not a Jim-otion to speak of other than being happy that we managed to get them fed, clothed, and at school on time.  Have I grown in my manliness?  Did my soft side disappear or just fail to kick into gear this morning?

Nah!  It's probably because this is their 3rd, First Day of school and though there are many NEW hurdles being leapt over today...its certainly not an ACTUAL first.

2nd, 1st Day of School
1st, 1st Day of School