Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bummed Out

Call it an attack.  Call it life in its fallen state.  Call it something else negative all together. Whatever you call it, I am bummed right now.  And perhaps what makes this worse is having just gone through a considerable high on life's roller coaster.

Recent Highs:
  • Billing at my business at a 2011 high
  • Celebrated 500 Subscribers on my YouTube Channel
  • Was asked to make announcements at church
  • Was asked to be guest speaker at upcoming Men's Breakfast
  • Endowed with more Deacon responsibilities
  • Family vacation and much needed break to San Antonio. Got to see family and friends along the way.

But as of today here is what smacked me & mine in the face:

  • My twins are sick with a stomach bug
  • This has caused us to cancel a photo shoot with their cousin for tomorrow.
  • It also puts starting school this week and going to "Meet The Teacher" on Thursday in relative jeopardy.
  • Infant son has mysterious black spot on the back of his tongue on the heels of recovering from his urology surgery.
  • Billing the last two weeks at my business took a dive and is back below break even levels.
  • Rachael and I had a disagreement last night where I behaved less than Christlike.
  • And if none of those reasons are good enough to be bummed...I am BACK from vacation.
This too shall pass.  But in the meantime I am marinating in disappointment.

How has your week gone so far?