Thursday, August 25, 2011

Call the Waaambulance!!

This week has not been my proudest, most bright shining display of Christ-like behavior.  In fact, I have been a ranting, angry, lunatic!  Had the proper motivation struck me earlier in the week I might have normally used such fuel to ignite blog-rant-fires and have all kinds of subject matter to cover for several days.  You see between school, several extra curriculars for my kids, and even one group that I participate with...all got started up this week.

Like any start, adjustments must be made...kinks need to be ironed routines must be established.  Hopefully before long we have a well oiled machine of teachers, coaches, parents, students, and peers cooperating together, communicating beautifully, and getting in a groove.  I don't know how I lost sight of that fact but I did.  I was bracing for my kids to have a very large and difficult adjustment but ended up realizing that its been harder on me than on them.

This poor adjusting on my part has also led to poor reactions and behavior.  I have voiced my disdain with more than one group & person this week.  And while that alone is not necessarily a bad thing...I can often make a bigger deal out of situations than is necessary and let simple problems become complex issues.  Call the Waaambulance...Jim is whining again!  I really don't want to be THAT guy...ya know? 

So here is to redeeming myself for a good Friday experience and a great week ahead!  Please forgive me if you were in my cross-hairs at any point these past few days!


Craig V said...

Like a city whose walls are broken down, so is a man who lacks self-control.
- Proverbs 25:28

Jim said...

Thanks for the accountability my friend. I am not proud of my fleshy reactions at all.

On another note, I noticed that your YT channel is gone. What's up? You ok?

Craig V said...

I think that Proverbs was for you and I both ;)

YouTube was giving me so much technical grief over my bytor356 account I deleted it - it was mostly a video uploading thing. Over after 6 yrs - yep, I was there from the near beginning, when YT was cool, and free of the juvenile rudeness, arrogance and stupidity so prevalent today.

I'll be falling back to my alternate account /humanitysadvocate (which you may have notice) and I just started a new one for my music /TheJazzocaster (named after my "reborn" custom modified Jazz bass, yet to be seen on YT). I have some original ideas (based on my beliefs and such) I'd like to develop and publish, that is if life allows me time for such artistic indulgences. I still have sculptures and paintings sitting unfinished.

My path seems a bit darker than I care for these days - I'm in the heat of health related challenges at the moment. I feel surrounded by stupid (nasty little demons) as I hunger before a trough of vile garbage where others are feasting like royal swine, the pigs are even fighting for the best chunks of garbage - some even offer me some and grin when I turn green. But I endure to persevere, I often question why that is - Jesus knew His fate in every last detail - don't you just sometimes wish God would just send us an email or something explaining what the heck is going on?

God's will be done.