Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Take It Back...

While I will NOT take full responsibility for this Texas drought and record number of triple digit days in the Dallas/Fort Worth area...I will admit that I may have voiced a small complaint a while back.  And I am sure its just a coincidence but since voicing this complaint we haven't had a drop of decent rain waters until I left town to San Antonio a couple weeks ago. 

Hey folks!  If I knew all it took for rain to come was for me to leave town, I would travel more often...trust me.  So when today's brief but amazingly wonderful rain storm hit my area and I was present to witness it, I was...and still am...quite elated about it.

The comment was this...

"Lord...can we just get a rain SHOWER sometime instead of these ferocious storms that have 80 MPH horizontal winds, insane lightning strikes, and tornado producing formations?"

I take it ALL back.  Give me rain and all that comes with it!!