Monday, August 08, 2011

Is God A Geanie?

Texas is experiencing one of the worst droughts on record and is only days away from having the MOST consecutive days of triple digit heat here in Dallas.  Water supplies are depleted and rationing signs are popping up in several places.  Lawns are now patchworks of green interlaced with scorched sections of brown.  One cannot help as a Christian but to wonder about God's role in all of this especially in light of yesterday's Governor-led prayer and fasting gathering.

I have listened to and read an opinion or two about this event including one from my Pastor located HERE.  But in true blogger fashion I must have my own take and my own article on the matter, no?  Honestly I do not dare judge the sincerity or possible lack thereof any attendee or host involved.  God knows the hearts of men and who I am I to pretend to have any insight?  A praying people is a good step in the right direction.  And IF Perry is employing political maneuvers it would not be the first time God used a leader with selfish intentions to accomplish His goals.

I do have one suggestion though.  And its based on a personal revelation in my own experience.  I preface it as such so that you might prayerfully decide if it even applies to you or not.  I've discovered that I often treat God as a Jeanie in a bottle.  He is contained in my little lamp that I rub when I'm in need of something.  "My will be done Lord." is often the impression I give as I join others in praying for an end to drought conditions or for that special blessing for me and mine.  But do I trust in Him and have the kind of relationship to say, "Thy will be done Lord"

If it is His will to make Texas the next Sahara Dessert, do I trust Him to take care of me and do I trust that His will serves a much higher purpose than the independent needs of my suburban slice of lawn?  I would encourage you as Christians to join in prayer and fasting in this uncertain time.  But as you do, consider praying that His will be done and bringing to Him the confessions of your heart.  Don't belittle His role of loving Father who knows how to bless and gives good gifts to that of Mythical Jeanie who must grant us our watershed wishes.


Craig V said...

Amen bro - Putting God first should be a way of life. Prayer is not a last resort, but should be a regular and a first reaction of a person with an enduring faith.