Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Operation Free Willy

Why was there no Photo Friday post last week you ask?  How could I do (or fail to do) such a thing after 28 consecutive weeks in a row?  Why would I dash your hopes and dreams of voting on more hilarious photos like that?  Ok...so none of you asked but I will tell you anyway.  My infant son had surgery to correct a minor issue with his baby boy-bits.  I will spare you the details but will give you the general idea that the title of this blog post isn't about a whale movie.  Nuff said!

Leading up to the surgery Rachael I had been trying various feeding schedules so that the required fasting, four hours before the operation would not be too traumatic.  But no bedtime changes or feedings up to or before the 4AM cutoff seemed to work.  In fact, the more we messed with his routine, the more times per night he would wake up.  And as wonderful and as easy-going as this baby is...the one thing he panics and screams about is feeling hungry. 

Thankfully on the day of (by the grace and miraculous hand of God) Joshua somehow made it from 3AM to 7AM without food and without screaming or crying.  That was the one and only day he needed to be able to accomplish such a feat and in fact, the only day he ever has.  Rachael and I had been so worried about this one factor that we sort of forgot to be concerned or worry much at all about the actual medical process and recovery.  An underestimation that we are now painfully aware of and dealing with.

All three kids have needed some type of procedure or surgery that has tested the limits of insurance policy deductibles and bank balances.  With Mackenzie it was a heart valve.  With Michael it was a skull correcting helmet.  But overall we are very blessed with good health and I am not complaining.  Besides...all these grey hairs are like individual badges of honor & accomplishment. 

That is what I tell myself anyway!