Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We's A Suthern' Peeple

Well, it's time fer yet another confession folks.  If'n ya ain't already figured it by now ya might as well know me to be a Southern boy.  I've spent the majority of that time in two states but rest assured both are below the Mason Dixon line.  And since 1988 I've proudly called myself a Texan!  That's like the coolest Southerner one might ever imagine.

Now I realize there are some negative stereotypes that go along with the South...some of em rightfully so...others that are a bit unfair.  I never wanted people to think me an ignorant hay-seed.  So for much of my youth and early adulthood, I distanced myself from the yeehaw-yesteryears of my Dukes of Hazzard upbringing and tried to git sophisticated-like.

Well a man can only do so much as to spread his own roots when the akern don't fall real far from dem thar trees, ya hear?  So in the spirit of embracing my heritage, my upbringing, and to display the Southern Gentlemen I was raised to be, please enjoy dis here movin' picture show:


Jessica said...

That was really fun! Thanks for sharing.

Craig V said...

Dat twuz funnyer than some old koot saying thar ain't no God!